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just busy swimming in shit this week.


yes a roll call would be good. a 'here' or even a 'there' (if the log has moved).

just for the record i reckon Houston guy has some serious issues and i'm pissy he didn't get a good rap over the knuckles from the mods at the very least. the whole 'slut' vs. 'non-slut' thing is so adolescent... is that really an attitude that works for this site? really? i mean... i thought the maturity thing was about realizing that the slut in the bedroom lady in the dining room (or whatever it was) thing could all go on with the same person. integration. pretty sure it is something like that... you know. like how i can feel sad at one moment in time and happy at another and there be no contradiction in that. i can post sexy pics on SAMA at one point in time and expect to be treated like a lady at other times and at other places on the site. what is the fucking problem? but yeah, i do feel the mods pain re: delete requests...

dammit. i'm so sad people have left.



how is the chick working out for people...

the one to be found is you scroll right the way down the homepage for the site. what is she up to?? is that a figure comp pose or something??


yeah that was straight pwnage.


This kinda reminded me of an image I saw floating around on the web today.


yuk -

you got a lousy job.


I think that some of our representatives forget that sluts vote.


Me too. Did you hear about maschy? She's gone.



somebody gotsta do it.


Wow, things changed BIG since I last checked in.
I'll still be here plugging away every now and then--more now than in the last couple of months.


Hiya Patches, I'm still here.


The things we miss.


It might have been, if her comment was a fact instead of a frustrated exaggeration and inaccuracy.

In any case, as was explained by an Admin in the "What Happened to T-Nation" thread:
"This situation has NOTHING to do with what Level you are, which gender you are, or whether you have purchased or not.

And again, IF users are banned, we will not have a dialog about our reasoning on the Forums."

It would be best if this thread now returned on topic.


yeah...but swimming in shit?

(shakes head)


oh no! What did I miss? I haven't been posting in my log and have not moved somewhere else on the forum. I am posting on another site I've belonged to for years just out of pure laziness to copy and paste my posts as I was doing.

I'll continue to post here if it helps keep the PW forum alive! I think it's a great resource for other women to come to and I'd hate to see it disappear.


Go ahead and add me to the list My log is Owlie Takes Flight and I'm posting again. Including some awesome vids of my training.


I saw this shit storm coming awhile ago and actually decided to take the quiet side. Looks like Im still here :-/


Nice to see some of ya are still here!!