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Um, if you're still around in here can you pop in and say hello? I'm trying to figure out what to read and what logs have been too chaotic.

Thanks Ladies

Edit, a roll call?

So, the logs I read in PW, sorry if I miss anyone, I didn't always read them all:

Alexus - here
Reconstruction - here
PixieThrower - here
Coyotegal - Indigo
brute_fury - here
Oleena -
Nadia Comeandeat -
cholulalula - here
mom-in-MD -
Dasher -
Cal Jones -
nlmain -
arachne12 -
Rhonda - moved to O35
Gryneyes - moved to O35
juniormint -
LastStand - here
BodyBldgBabe - here
DiscoDan - here
Charlie Horse (well, her race) -
Spock81 - Moved to Training Logs
Maschy -
Owlie - here
Minimaltechno - moved to O35

Lemme know where you are or if you need to be added to the list and I'll edit it in.


Oh, and I moved



I'm here....

lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I moved too. started a new log in Over 35 since most of the ppl left are there.


I'm still poking around a little. Probably won't be logging here anymore. If I decide to start logging again, I'll probably start something back up in the training logs section.


I'm in Over 35, but still here :slight_smile:


I am here! But I can be anywhere :slightly_smiling:


i don't know what is going on dammit. i went to bjj just for you. well, not really. but kinda sorta. i logged about it...


can somebody give me a link to what is going on or somethign??


Hey, I was wondering if you had a log. I had thought the training lab was for people taking Indigo3D- guess not!


Ah ok there you are, missy. I'm over in the over 35+. Er does this mean PW is being slowly taken apart?


Im still here.

Alexus- check out "what has happened to T-Nation" in GAL.



Hai! I'm still kicking around in this slowly dying section. sigh






Some members have been asking to have their logs moved out of Powerful Women and into other forum sections.

As far as I know, there are no plans for the site format changes to include a removal of the Powerful Women forum. The forum can be as active as its participants choose to make it.


Sexy Lexi, I'll read about you BJJ adventures tonite. Can you PM me your email address?

I'll come do a roll call tonite too. No way 95% of PW is actually gone.


On I didn't mean to leave the rest of you out. I'll come visit in your new spots and those left in here. Just trying to catch up after break.



We're leaving because half the forum has been banned. There's no point in being here if half the ppl can't post.