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How's it going guys!
First things first... Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum! Anyway, i just wanted to introduce myself. Im 16, from the UK and have been training for a couple of years very inconsistently, without any goals or guidance, simply because i enjoy lifting. Copying everybody else in the gym i'm now left with some pretty rounded shoulders and lordosis because of the way i've grown.

I naturally have a kind of thin-fat physique and i'm afraid i can't post a picture 'cause i don't have a digital camera or picture phone. I've been lurking around the site for a while, reading as much as possible so i wouldn't class myself as a beginner as such. So there you have it, a brief background of myself and i'm looking forward to getting to know everyone a bit better as well as discussing performance with some of the few people that know what they're talking about! Take it easy,


Greg, you are young and at a gret time in your life to make the most of your youth in training well.

Don't waste it on "training inconsistently with no goals or plan".

You need to read more on this site there is tonnes of info, including articles on correcting your posture "neanderthal no more" - do a search.

Work out a plan that lasts over 12 weeks and give it a go. Base it on the big lifts such as squats etc.. deadlifts and eat really well.

You have a golden opportunity at that age do not waste it. You have years and years of good opportunity ahead, so there is no rush, but don't waste it. Progression really should be planned, with increases in poundages over time, to get the most of it.

Good luck


Thanks for the advice Magarhe.
I was training with no goals but now have a clear plan as to future training. I have read neanderthal no more and the other posture-related articles and am now working to correct my flaws (kyphosis, lordosis and an anterior pelivic tilt). Unfortunately i have access to a 50kg barbell set at home only and so am somewhat limited in terms of the big lifts. As a result my current training is a high frequency, high density template with the focus on maintaining my weight while shedding a little fat. I have next year planned out with performance training from Sep-December (during the rugby season), Hypertrophy from Jan-April and fat loss/hypertrophy from May-Aug. Cheers,


Good advice