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HI HUYS AND GIRLS.I WANTED TO INTRODUCE MYSELFM and say hello to this great board. For years i have used "google to search" for answers and funny thing is T-Nation is alwasys at the top and has the msot solid information. So since im so involved in this Great thing of Bodybuilding i needed a home.

Hopefully this is it. I'm 33 years old,baby on the way(any day now),i work fulltime but my passion is bodybuilding.I'm also a certified personal trainer which doesnt mean shit because i've been training,eating,living like a meathead since 16 years old and have jsut basically put my heart and soul into it as a hobby until a few years ago. i decided to try and compete. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG STORY SHORT: I PREPPED 3 TIMES FOR 3 DIFFERENT SHOWS OVER THE COURSE OF A YEAR AND A HALF AND GOT "ALMOST THERE" EVERYTIME...but never got on stage for various reasons...we can get into that later. Point is id like to have a place with like minded people where i can be held accountable,help others,ask questions,answer them and so on...THANK YOU FOR HAVING ME. LG


welcome, and if thats you in your avatar then i'm eager to hear what you have to say about how you train/eat etc. I'm still very much a weight lifting noob.


If that's you in your avi, good work, your more advanced then 95%+ of the active site.

You could start a training log in the "All others logs" section if you want to be held accountable, but if that is you, you seem to be doing just fine..


thats me for sure,but that was 6 months ago and ive been gaining since then. thats me @ 215lbs 5 weks out from a show...now im 240 and not pretty. :O(


If you become a regular poster here you will be one of the most advanced posting regularly at that size.. your training advice would be appreciated by many includes myself


Welcome man, stay


Welcome aboard man, this place has served me well for years now and I hope it does the same for you. Its always nice to get some more experienced people here.


thanks everyone. i'm at work now,but i hope to get a few good posts in and get inlvolved this weekend. I will stay :slight_smile:


ok i posted my log beginning in other logs :slight_smile:


Awesome. Great physique...


Its great to have a new member who is as advanced as yourself. I look forward to reading your progress and your valuable advice in future posts to come. Its refreshing to see someone with a good, positive and friendly attitude backed with an amazing physique.