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Hello, Sarah, this is Nicolas!

You guys can have McCain/Palin, for Comedians will never run out of over-the-top material.

I know, I know, she saw through it and just played along.

For sure.


The old man is not a sore loser, so out of respect, let’s add this to the thread

It was brilliant I must say.

I can’t believe nobody screened that call, and she seems inexcusably naive for someone who stands to gain that much power.

Hmm. I can’t say I blame her. Has anyone here talked to Sarkozy on the phone? Maybe he’s got a strange sense of humor. Maybe she was thinking he was trying to make her feel less nervous by being a little ridiculous. The Guy’s French, for crying out loud. And I can’t stand Palin.

[quote]Brayton wrote:
Hmm. I can’t say I blame her. [/quote]

Of course not. It’s not hard to prank someone like this. Calling people out mistakenly can be more embarrassing than getting pranked. Sure he was over the top, maybe she should’ve spotted the clues but… it was a tough position.

Having said that how fucking embarrassing! Is this how she will talk to heads of freakin states? Telling them she loves them? Gushing and giggling like a teenager? Horrible.