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Hello, Noob to T-Nation


Just an intro.
Long, long ago (late teens to mid twenties) in a galaxy far, far away (good health) I took up weightlifting / bodybuilding, with good results. Not great, but I didn't care about competing, anyway (too much hair emoval involved in that)I just wanted better strength, and of course be muscular.
Along the way I lost interest, and when I took up training again last year, at 44, I was in pretty bad shape.
First was walking, then I took up Kettlebell training, but went too fast and tweaked my left shoulder doing KB snatches.
Okay, bodyweight, then. so I went to doing bodyweight stuff.
Along about this time, my wife had to go into pysical therapy, which meant a gym membership after the actual therapy so she could hit the machines and the heated pool.
Of course this 'fitness center' had a 'power alley' with free weights, a squat rack (no power rack, though) so I decided to get under the bar again, and I decided to use the Stronglifts protocol.
By the time I hit 1xBW deads, I already had recovery problems, so I got Wendler's 531 after trying Madcow for a few weeks.
Well, there goes the shoulder again, and I'm currently on a layoff untill it heals.
Meantime, I did some research about training with bad joints, as my knees have started grinding pretty badly. I suspect my squat form sucks and I've probably created an imbalance between quads and hams/ glutes because of it, and I found a lot of info here, including one by Nick Tumminelo called joint friendly training that spoke to me, so I decided to join here and get away from the dogma that only the big five barbell lifts are worthwhile.
In fact, I've started thinking at least for some of the population (me included) barbell lifts for the upper body might not be the smartest way to go.
After all, we use our arms unilateraly a lot more than bilateraly day to day.
Anyway, after a layoff I'll start back with training, with maybe more of a focus on bodyweight stuff untill I get better conditioned.
One good thing I got out of this, with the wife also interested, once she understood how poorly the gym was equiped, she agreed to a healthy investment in home gym equipment.
We have a Body Solid Power rack, an olympic weight set, two decent barbells (first one is going bad, Troy gave ne another under warranty, but the first one hasn't failed so far) Iron Woody bands, and Kettlebells.
Might need a sled, too, if the knees aren't going to allow squats.
I'm not trying to be a powerlifter, or even a bodybuilder per se, i just want to be stronger in a meaningfull way, and of course a muscular physique. performance is the most important thing, though.


Wish you luck. I found myself 265, weak and a mess, and getting back to lifting really helped me all the way around.


Welcome we take all kinds of training in this group. From PL, BB and strongman. Hope you heal up soon.

What part of Texas?


Columbus, Texas, about half wat between Housto and Austin, where HWY71 meets HWY10.
thanks for the welcomes and well wishes




I have the same rack and set up as you and the same knees by the sound of it!

If you have any nuggets of wisdom about training around joint pain, please share.



Howdy. I applaud all the garage gym dudes, but my workout isn't complete if I don't get a chance to inwardly ridicule the morons who are doing it wrong.


Welcome, Roadrunner. Staying ahead of the coyote?


FarmerBrett, aside from TGUs if shoulders are a problem, the best info I've found so far is the info on this site, although I'm thinking bodyweight exercises might be a factor in conditioning the joints prior to weight training, and I'm leaning toward the side press instead of OHP for shoulder work (or the barbell incline press)

For knee problems I'm thinking sled work, as per Tumminello's recomendations in his article 'joint freindly training' elswhere on this site, or just doing deads (they do work legs)
I'm also thinking, since running destroys my knees and weight work doesn't (within reason) weighted walking may be good for conditioning. I've also heard upping your pulling volume is a good idea if you spend a lot of time at a desk.

Canada, you may ridicule all you like as long as you try to steer people who're doing it wrong the right way. If they won't listen then you can quit steering and just ridicule :smiley:

cavalier, I own stock in Acme, of course, I've been toying with that fool coyote all along. :smiley:

Thanks for the welcome, Bulldog, cute pooch.


Welcome? So Aggie or Longhorn? Where you are at I would guess Aggie? Cowboys or Texans fan?


Haha I grew up in Austin so it's 'Horns / Cowboys all the way


Hot damn, we are going to get along. Visit the NFL thread in the the Get a life (GAL). I always need help arguing with the Jets fans :slight_smile: just joking Matty.


Unfortunately I'm not all that big on football, much prefer a good Strongman competition. Pro football pisses me off, all those multimillion dollar salaries for guys who can't play if they've got a hangnail, and talk smack dawn till dusk.
Not huge on (mostly) Unskilled Fighting Championship, either.


Oh well. I always start a college Football thread also.


College football rates higher than pro with me

did my first bit of active rehab tonight, 100 band pull aparts with a yellow (weak) theraband.
feels pretty good, a bit of a pump in the scaps and rhomboids.
tommorow I'll try the blue one


I would recommend Eric Cressey's 16 week Maximum strength. it's like 10 bucks on amazon with a free kindle appp. Its very balanced and it works. I have had zero shoulder issues while doing this program and my lifts keep going up.

Welcome here!


Thanks, Collin, might look into that
No gotty Kindle, though


More rehab: 100 pull aparts with blue theraband, shoulder stretching. pull aparts in sets of 10-25. When I can get 25 each set, I'll go to a heavier band


Don't need the Kindle, you can download the App for free on your computer...


Didn't know that, thanks