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Hello Newbie to T-Nation


Ok i made a post or too but i haven't had a chance to properly introduce myself im 14 and i have been doing my routine 6 days a week for a few which consits of 100 situps , 30 bicep curls (10 .lb),20 pressups. at 5"3/5"4 and 98 pounds i decided need to gain some mass so im gonna start goin to my localy GYM ( i covered that in a last topic post) Basically hi !


Hello. I am 14 myself actually. Other youngsters on this forum? :smiley:

I just wanted to say hi, and I have unfortunately nothing to say about your training. Besides that you weigh very very very little. I was 98 pounds when I was 10 years old. I am also 14 years old, and I am 158 Pounds. Or 71 Kilograms.

Also.Use dots, please. In your 6 lines you had no dots whatsoever. Really annoying to read.


Dots are called "periods". Dots is equally annoying.


think im having trouble converting my weight. So that is why my weight should seem odd


just tell us what you weigh in kg if you can't figure it out. A good piece of advice, use the search function before you post a question, there is a lot of information on this site. All you need to do is find it.


I have got to ask, what is your primary language? For 14 you do have under-developed english skills for someone who has been getting English through school.



lol I'm not here to have my grammar tested. Im here to get help with bulking up.


Good Luck



Welcome Dylock! I'm 14 myself, so that's cool. I'm going to tell you now, don't neglect your legs. Everyone my age at the gym just works their upper body. Get an early start on the deadlift and squat. Other than that, what are your goals?


At the moment I simiply Don't becuase i have not been to a proper gym i Don't know what i can lift and what i want to be able to lift .


Do compound lifts at the gym, check out some of the beginner articles, make sure you're eating plenty of good food (check out some of the nutrition articles).

Do they offer weight training as a PE option in your high school? That's definitely a good way to force yourself to stay at it. It would be even better if you had the class right before lunch.


Hey there,
Welcome to T-Nation!
I'll give you the very basics to help get you started.
I can help you out with a workout plan if you PM me too.
A compound exercise works more than one muscle.Once you've got a good workout plan with some good, compound exercises(deadlift,bench press,shoulder press,squats,dips) then you can add in a few isolated exercises to really isolate those muscles (bicep curls,skull crushers{for triceps},leg extension,etc.)

Eat BIG!
Make sure you're eating enough to grow!
You gonna stay a little sissy if you keep worrying about your abs and weight gain.
It sounds like you have a fast metabolisim anyway,so if you bulk right,with mostly clean foods,then you'll gain less fat,probably very little.
Don't even think about cutting til you've gained enough quality mass anyway.

Get 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight(a 200 pound male would
get 200 grams-300 grams).

Eat enough HEALTHY carbs(fruit,whole grains,vegetables,milk,I like organic raw milk,yogurt,etc.) to keep your energy levels up in the gym.

Make sure you're eating some wild caught fish and/or taking fish oil because you need omega 3's.
Also,make sure you get enough sleep(8 hours at best).

And for the love of God,work hard on your Eglish skills(go read a book).
Don't rely on weight gainers unless you have a busy life-and I mean busy!
They're pure CRAP, in my opinion.
Get started now and you'll be a total stud for the chicks in your highschool come 11th-12th grade(not that you should start lifting just because of girls).
Good luck,and work that ass of in the gym,but not too much where you don't grow.



Eating a lot of clean food is probably one of the most important things you can do.


Well stated young blood.

Follow some of the advice in the legit posts sumbitted to your thread and do your homework on T-Nation. Select a program, eat big and keep a food log, stick with it for 6 months, if you have questions after that, PM me and I will help you out.



Nice post, good to see some of the vets help out the youngsters.

Additional carbs: oats, yams and brown rice.

"Eglish skills" huh, haha.

Most weight gainers are all sugar so yeah dont bother, focus on what you do know right now.