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Hello, New Here

Hello everyone.

Are people that are clueless welcomed here? LOL. I am one of them. Though I have been reading a lot about this kind of healthy lifestyle, I need to start taking care of myself and be in shape for summer, motherhood, and lifetime!

I had a son a year ago and still carry around 10kg extra weight. I carry tons of fat in my tummy area and it’s becoming depressing. Now that summer is around the corner and having few events to attend (my sister is getting married! :)) I need to do SOMETHING about it. So I ditched the crash diets, and chose the healthy way to get rid of the stupid fat!!!

I hope you all dont mind me posting questions about things I dont know much about. Before posting I will make sure to search in case it was already posted. If not, then please, again, bare with me and be nice to this person that wants to learn :slight_smile:

Thanks all!! and kudos to everyone trying hard!


Determination is all that you need and make sure your goal is more than just “looking good for the summer” and you should be fine here.

Definitely… If I reach my ‘dream’ body, heck I will never look back!! I think could fly if I do get my ‘dream’ body!!

Well, welcome to the forums then.