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Hello, New Here

Hi all,

My name is Derek. I am from NY but company decided to relocate me to HK. So I am working in HK and trying to keep my training and diet in check. Just a little history, I’ve been active all my life…played Rugby and wrestling throughout my life and just wanted to keep fit and grow out my physique…I am here to learn so I hope to gain some insight while I spend some time here on this forum:)

I may not sound like it but I am very serious in learning from this site and to seriously put on some mean muscles to fill in my poor small Asian frame…:frowning: Hope to gain some insights from you all!

Just additional info:
I’ve been training with weights for about 3yrs now, most of my life I’ve been training for Rugby and wrestling…diets always been consistent with quality whole foods…balances out with carbs, fats, and protein…Mostly eating low GI carbs and protein consists of tuna, chicken breats, venisons, and ostrich meat. Oh, and veggies…lots of veggis.

Here are some photos attached…will take pics on the legs soon…I take constructive criticisms very well and I encourage it of course:) This is the only way I can learn and Grow! Thanks all and good to meet you all!

more pics

front shot…

Sorry for the previous front shot…here it is again.

arms flexed from the side…

Hi Derek I’ve got a question about your wrestling experience. I did not wrestle this season unfortunately but I did get the basics down. I am preparing to go in for next season. But since the summer I’ve been lacking. I had a friend let’s call him T. who is crazy muscular and ripped. Not like a bodybuilder but also nothing like models with abs and chest. This guy chest, traps, back and abs pops out? I dunno how he trains.

His weight lifting is confusing actually. He said he sometimes does about 5- 20 sets of squats! Anyway I got carried away. My question to you is did you look anything like that when you wrestled? I dunno how he did it but for me I want to look as intimidating as I perform on the mat. Thanks.

Hello YakheeDamon,

I cannot answer for others but for me it was the same case as your friend. Unfortunately I did not possess the gift of genetics so I would say that I was a lot smaller back then but remained pretty lean and low in bf% . I wouldn’t be surprised if your friend is ripped and muscular as many wrestlers back in my school were in similar built. I think with the diet, environment, and training, each individual will of course respond differently…what your friend is doing may or may not work for you per se. I am curtious to know your friend’s training regime.

At any rate, I think most wrestlers do most of the basic foundation drills, your weight training routine, and hours end of techniques and sparring. I can’t give you a definite answer that if all wrestlers do look ripped and muscular but it seems pretty correlated:) We also have methods as well sincwe we do occassional suck in weight and dry out for the weighing…getting as low weight as possible by ridding of any excess bodyfats and water in our body and after weighing, carb up to full load the muscles of glycogen again to have the mass and stenghth for the match. The drying out process is used just we can get to the weight class that we want…ideally in the wrestling world, we want to get as light of a class as you can on the weighing, then shoot back up…but I am sure your opponenets doing the same as well so all in all, its a fair game. Hope this helps a bit. thanks!

Hey man, nice physique you have there, try posting your pictures in the Rate My Physique forum, I think you can get better criticisms there.