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Hello, I am Neelydan


Haven’t seen either of them in a while around these parts…


whatcha been up to @polo77j? Still married and living the good life?


Same old shit @Edgy … still married and living the good life. How’s things in Viking land?


you know, plundering, pillaging…same old thangs~ turned 53 a month ago, ouch.

backed off of the heavy lifts, and have some tendonitis that is not allowing me to do any flat bench, but i’m adapting.

i weigh in at 237 these days, at 18% BF - just started a keto diet, should drop down into 215 or so, at least thats the goal.


Hope the anteater is doing well.


Update on the Keto Diet? I ended up doing DiPasquale’s Anabolic Diet - Keto during the week, and carbing up on the weekends. down to 226, and at 16% BF - wanna get down under 220, around 215 or so - hopefully that’ll get my abs happy~

what does this mean about the anteater, i dont know - lol~


There are ancient beings still among you.