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Hello, I am Neelydan


Welcome back! Hope all has been well!


Neelydan? wherefore art thou my goodest and oldest of friends?


So few of us old-timers left here …


OMG its like a reunion of when there was intelligence on this site. JK

I miss the good ole days. Sigh


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No doubt. I stay in the combat forum and that’s IT.


You quit smoking yet fucker?


look at all these old time TN’ers - miss the good old days


I’m a young, old-timer but welcome back.

And Edgy…you make yourself too scarce.


I just dont want to wear out my welcome, good Doctor~


Hey Y’all,

Figured I’d check back in today to see who’s still around from the old days. It’s been a long while. Good to see some old names.


Good to see you DB. You still hold the title for best post involving skillet.


Holy shit! DollarBill’s still here?!

Should we all try to summon Mascherano?


oh yeah - love some @masherano - how about @pushmepullme while were at it?


The reunion thread…I hate you all.

/not really


nuthin but the luvz for @UtahLama - btw… whatever happened to @irondwarf ?


I’m back too. Although I may not be after the alchohol wears off. We’ll see.


Does AngryChicken still post here? Or does anyone have his contact info, by any chance?


He had his own AC share your thoughts thread awhile back, but haven’t see him.



whatever happened to my old freinds @print and @imhungry?