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Hello, I am Neelydan


Neelydan once e-walked these lands with reckless abandon and a penchant for tomfoolery. Come to Neelydan, children of many moons ago.


Prove it - POIDH (welcome back homeboy)


I’m still insulted you don’t think I have what it takes to be a government asset assassin…


So, in this scenario you’re assassinating government assets? So like a counter-intelligence operative? That makes a lot more sense - most of what you say goes against anything intelligent…


Still speaking in third person I see. Shall I go get Bodyguard? He would probably like to say hi.


What? Do you have him stuffed in a closet?


We call it a pantry. The Bodyguard does not take kindly to being told to come out of the closet.


I think I remember you. And if I have it right, I was a jerk to you on here. So I apologize.


HE’S BACK! The ugly aardvark with the cute wife!
Funny what sticks in one’s memory. LOL

Welcome back, Neelydan!


I think this can be extrapolated to most older posters here :smile:


Negative. Bodyguard frightened neelydan to the ends of the earth.


It appears that you’ve now looped back around to the beginning of the earth. Welcome back!


What a silly comment - it’s impossible to loop around a flat surface


I’m just a girl! I don’t understand math.


It’s ok … I’m assuming you make a mean fuckin’ sandwich though, so you get a pass.

This time.

(here’s a smiley face so you know I’m joking :smile:)


I was told I understand math too much in order to be a ruthless assassin.

So at least you can be a cold blooded killer if you want.


Holy moley blast from the past. Welcome back.


Welcome back, now bring back SAMA and I will be happy as fuck.


I remember leafing through the Ass Worship thread for hours … ahh to have spare time and thousands of firm lady bums to peruse


Neelydan :). Hope the anteater is doing well.