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Hello Giants


Tired of lurking, just saying hello!








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Hey, thanks for the welcomes, and I'd just like to thank you all for the wonderful knowledge you have bestowed upon me and the rest of the T-Nation community. You guys are hulking scientists and I've learned so much in the past 6 months. I originally posted in the steroids thread because that is the direction I would like to travel next. I unfortunetly have no source yet, but that's no big deal. All good things come to those who wait. I've been making good gains and my supplements have been taking me far. Hope to get to know you guys better soon.



Hey again guys, a quick question. Starting a test-e/dbol/nolvadex cycle in a week and I'm currently taking whey protein, casein protein, musclepharm assault (creatine, NO, etc), flaxseed oil, universal animal pak, & glutamine. Just making sure it's okay to continue these supplements. I assume it's okay, mainly curious about the creatine situation. Thanks gentlemen.


Of course. It is recommended.

Supplements are supplements, steroids are steroids.
Use your head man, I know its a bit difficult when you first start out, but reading EVERYTHING and using your better logic is rarely going to steer you wrong in this game.


Should include Adex as an AI .25-.5mg eod and use nolva for pct 40/40/20/20.

As for your question about the supplements..shouldn't be a problem.


@ozonecrash you dont need assault or any other pre workout man, steroids will give you enough energy ,but other supplements are necessary