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Hello from Western Australia

Hi all,

My name is Abaddon, and I am an amateur Strongman training with WA’s top Strongman Dan Macri. I am also an active member of Muscle and Brawn, another great online lifting community.

I’m something of a freelance writer interested in all things related to muscle and strength, but my regular nine-to-five is as finance officer for Australia’s premier Personal Training academy, the Australian Institute of Fitness.

I keep hearing about and reading articles from this site, so thought I should come check it out.

Hope to meet you all in due course.


I have been pretty busy with work and training when I can. I don’t have much time for idle web surfing nowadays, since I’m burying myself in projects both personal and professional.

But I have decided to rejuvenate my blog, and will be keeping details on my ascension there.


Welcome aboard. WA is a pretty place. I was there back in june.

[quote]speedster00 wrote:
Welcome aboard. WA is a pretty place. I was there back in june.[/quote]
Hi, thanks for the welcome.
I’ve lived here most of my life. i wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.