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Hello from The Vizzle


Waz good with everyone!!!? I have been lurking on this site for a few years and have always had a great interest in weight training, strength sports, and even some combat athletics. But for the the lack of a better way to put it I have been incredibly half-assed in my approach. This has sadly led to me being big and strong but incredibly fat(between 23-28percent body-fat).

So I am ready to change but need help on diet plan to help drop the fat rapidly while maintaining the strength I have gained along with the the decent amount of muscle I carry.(Sorry if this shit is long but been trying to get the ballz to do this for a minute so a little background is needed.)

To help with suggestions here are my stats 5'10 275lbs, bench 330, Squat(500X3)full depth, been a long time since I did the deadlift for max, but I know I can pull 400X8 with no belt.
Also to help with any diet suggestions I have just started an extremely physical new job(HOD Carrier) and only plan on doing bodyweight exercises for the first month.

Any constructive critique would be appreciated, to help reach a 10 week goal of 235 at around 10% bodyfat. Thanks for puttin up with me being so damn long winded y'all.

Finally Serious,
The Vizzle


I have just started the fat Fast diet. I am have a good bit of muscle under about 70lbs of fat. I just started a thread today. I have dropped 12 lbs in 9 days, including falling off my diet one day and binging.(I don't have a lot of disicpline).

there is the fat fast http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=460766

there is also a newer Velocity diet as well as my personal thread

good luck


Thanks for the help, but with my job I don't know how restrictive I can be with my carbs or fats and still be able to keep muscle, while having enough energy to still grind out some kind of a workout. I really looking for suggestions along the line of calorie intake suggestions with macronurtrient breakdown.(Velocity and Fat Fast seem just a little too low-carb for my energy needs.)


Your trying to lose four pounds a week. Do a search for John Berardi and Lonnie Lowrey articles and good luck.