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Hello From the New York State Fair!


Hello!!! Katie and I are at the State Fair today and thought we'd say hi to all the T-men!!! Katie' is currently eating roasted corn and most of the men we walk by have found the need to comment..... gee, tall blonde with a large phallic object in her hand.... go figure.
Have a good weekend!!!
- Michelle and Katie T-Vixen


I'm over in Ithaca and was going to head to the state fair tomorrow, perhaps.


Fair update.....Katie got a free massage and now we're heading to the Dairy Products building to watch some of the Mrs. Fitness competiton. Haven't seen any Testosterone t-shirts yet....where is everyone????


Oops...tee-hee, THAT wasn't what Michelle told me Mrs. Fitness was about. I mean, it was just some old lady with a bunch of kids and a Ricky Martin soundtrack. Off to the midway! (OK, well, what would you have thought if you saw 'Mrs.Fitness' and three separate times listed in the program???? laugh Call me blonde) Shaddup, Michelle


You know, you'd think we'd have something better to do than keep checking back to the forum!!!!! But hey, addiction is addiction! Anyway, our fair moderator must actually have a life because nothing has gone up on the site for a few hours! Time to go have free wine, later!

Packing more heat than anyone else at the Fair


Send us nude pics of the two of you and that piece of roasted corn.


We expect pictures!!!


Nate Dogg- Dude you are the single most one
tracked mind individual I've seen in YEARS!
You gotta' respect that in a man...


Michelle...how big a phallic symbol, i mean piece of corn? lol


DP, I think you are right. Sex is always on mind. But hey, I do make time for work, working out, eating, sleeping, partying, grilling, hanging out with friends and many other things. Well, I guess when I'm doing those things, sex is still on my mind. I have a great image that I wish I could post on the forum. It's called "what's on a guy's mind." It's so true and funny as hell! Glad you respect my single-track mind! LOL!!!!


I get back into town...turn on the 'ole Billy Box...click on the 'ole Billy Browser and head straight to "Testosterone Land". First post?...T-Vixens...hot weather...massages...phallic shaped pieces of corn...nude pics...no WONDER I couldn't get any work done all day! (LOL!)Glad to hear from you guys! I really thought a lot of the "Vixens" may have become disheartened by the shriveled nutsack rantings of a few E-wussie-boys who didn't like the last "Gang-O-Babes" (I LOVED it...as always). What would a T-Vixen do? Probably say "bite me"...keep on posting and pumping the iron...and it could ONLY be a Vixen that could fill our testosterone clouded brains full of erotic fantasies while simply walking around a blasted fair! You go girl...!!! :)----!!!


Survey - what causes more wood? Vitex or forum posts from T-vixens with erotic imagery? My opinion is that to get a better "feel" for the subject we need a greater supply of these type posts by the T-vixens.


...no argument from THIS Lion, my friend!...


how big? oh i don't know....corn sized....
grin sorry, no pics (to share anyway LAUGH)