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Hello from JT

Posting this for JT. He’s had much more luck BBing than posting pics here.

hey warhorse, thanks alot bro. greatly appreciated.

This is me out of shape, but on my way. warhorse told me that you guys would ask to see the wheels, once I have a pic of them, they will be posted. They do compare to the rest of me.

pretty big guns bro!

I second that! how many inchs are they?

thanks pdog.

JT Dude… this is you out of shape? Looks like you have an awesome base to start packing on those slabs of beef. If this is your “before” pic, then best of luck to you. Balls to the wall Bro!

no clue, never measured. I couldnt tell you any of my stats. I dont measure, nor do I max out on lifts. I guess I am strange.

thanks man. yeah, well its nowhere near the shape I will be in for a show. I concentrating on adding size now, while leaning out, then in a few weeks, maybe mid feb, I start to focus on just leaning out, and correcting imbalances.

Come on JT, you have to know your height/weight.

(Hint: Check your driver’s license.)

thanks dude. Height and weight I do know. lol. 5’8", around 215 not sure, will let everyone know tomorrow when I weigh myself. Havent weighed myself in a week and half, and I am into the 3rd week of my cycle, so the weight should start coming on now.

those have got to be 18.5!

JT tha bigga figga

These 14 year olds are fuckin huge these days…

funny the only thing I ever measured was my cock. my ex wanted to know how big the stick knocking her out was. As far as the arms go, when I am not to lazy I will measure them.

JT, I think you need to have Warhorse repost the photo. It appears that he smeared some KY jelly over the image where your face should be :slight_smile:

I got the “great 8”.

ru, I just fell off the chair. too funny.

btw, I forgot to weigh myself, so that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Shheeez. Twelvenme, you must just sit in the dark somewhere thinking up sick stuff to say - lol.

I guess you guess just don’t get it. I REALLY AM FUCKING CRAZY!!! No shit, I got the papers to prove it. It just comes naturally for me I guess. Can I help it if I am some poetic genius?!

So whats up with the hair anyway? Did you use some extra K-Y to slick it back! :slight_smile: