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Hello from an 'Older' Newbie


Hello everyone. I am a 32 year old, 5'9", 146lb newbie to weightlifting. I am in IT, and my lifestyle is quite sedentary. As you can imagine, I am pretty skinny, with the exception of an annoying as hell belly that makes my 32" pants tight. Sad, no?

Anyway, I've tried some programs in the past, but quit due to bullshit excuses that I refuse to make anymore. My initial goals are to eliminate the belly, move up to about 160-165, and get my lifts to 1x bodyweight for bench, 1.5 bodyweight for squat, and 2x bodyweight for dead all before next summer. I feel those goals, while perhaps a bit basic and "low-hanging fruit" to some, fit into the S.M.A.R.T. criteria, in that they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. I have decided to go "back to basics" since even though I know the lifts, I am still very weak, and use the Practical Programming Novice Program.

I know my diet will have a huge impact on my success. My current diet is pretty pathetic and will change. I have a very tiny breakfast, usually consisting of 1 serving of fruit. My lunch is a turkey or chicken breast sandwich on organic bread, with V8 fusion juice (yea I know, but it tastes good and satisfies my little sweet tooth) and another serving of fruit. The 2 "meals" only add up to about 600 calories. :frowning: Dinner is varied, based on what the wife cooks, but a typical one might be 2 pork chops, 3/4 cup of rice and a salad, a large chicken quesadilla, or steak with a baked potato and rolls. My tentative meal plan involves something like this:

Breakfast: 2 eggs, oats or toast, 1 tbsp natty PB

Mid-morning: 12oz milk with 1 scoop ON Whey, 4oz chicken breast

Lunch: Turkey sandwich, serving of fruit, serving of vegetables

Mid-afternoon: 12oz milk with 1 scoop ON Whey, 4oz chicken breast

Dinner: Will vary, depending on what the wife cooks.

This should put me around 2200-2500 calories, which may still not be enough to meet my goals. I figure it should be a decent start, and I can up them or change it around after I get going.

Well, that was a long introduction. I hope to learn much from the forum, and I will try to contribute once I learn what the hell I am doing!


My suggestion would be to eat more - a lot more!

My 7 year old daughter eats very close to what you're eating now. This could explain why your developing bodyfat, as your body is storing everything you eat as fat in order to survive. Especially when you add in any exercise and you're in a negative calore intake.

If you want to drop some bodyfat, based on your current stats, you'll look like a junkie. Not cool...

My advice to you, would be to not do that, but rather build a solid base for a year and plan on cutting in the spring of 2012 so that summer 2012 you'll be on the beach and ripped. With this approach, your wife will be fighting to keep the other females away as they're be hanging off you.

I'd suggest pushing yourself for a full year, eating fairly clean for 5-6 meals a day and getting plenty of rest a night.

For example, drop the toast and PB for breakfast and increase what you're eating by 2 eggs, and a cup of veggies. Make it an omlet with some low-fat shredded cheese (extremely small amount)

Kill the sammy's and break out the barbie and grill up some chicken breasts. You can buy them in a boxload at Costco. If you like your food a bit on the hot side, make a nice spicey marinade and grill up the entire box. Cut the chicken into cubes and then get a one of those glad sandwhich containers and fill the sucker with the chicken bits. Add a cup of veggies to another container and you've got yourself a decent lunch or snack.



Pick 1 and stick with it

Don't try to do 3 things (which contradict each other, i.e. getting the single digit %BF while gaining 20lbs and improving on your lifts) at once


Thank you both for your replies. I was honestly unaware that my goals were conflicting. I thought that increasing my lifts and my bodyweight would pretty much go hand-in-hand, given my untrained state. I was also hoping to take advantage of some "newbie gains" that I have read about and have my belly decrease some, but that might have been a pipe dream.

As stupid as this sounds, I am averse to putting on much fat, as any more in the midsection would necessitate new pants. It's bad enough that I need a 32" waist now, I think 34" would be downright stupid at my size.

Based on what I am eating now and my proposed diet, I will be adding 700-1000 calories per day, and going from virtually no physical activity to lifting 3 days per week. My idea was to start off "slow", assess my progress or lack thereof after 2 weeks, and make adjustments as necessary.

And thank you for the lunch suggestions. My original post was my first stab at it, and I figured I would end up changing it based on suggestions here and my own tastes.

Again, thank you for your suggestions, and I look forward to hearing more.


You don't need acronyms or 4 oz. chicken breasts, you need lots of steak and good fats and more calories in general to grow, and heavy weights on your back and in your hands. I would not worry about a little belly fat, if you are skinny everywhere else, its probably from irregular sleep or stress and caused by cortisol.

More regular sleep and heavy weights will probably remedy the belly fat. Also, 34 inch jeans will look skinny if you grow everywhere else. If you are afraid of putting on a little fat or of buying new jeans this will stunt your progress. If you are doing things right, your legs and ass won't fit into 32" jeans for long anyways.

Check out SteelyD's log in the O-35 section, he was a skinny IT guy and an "older" lifter when when he started for a look at what's possible and attainable if you are committed to lifting consistently, put the time in, and get enough food.


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