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Hello from Alberta


Hey everyone! I just got registered here. Hope to learn a lot more, as I have read the articles here for a couple years.


Welcome to the bored.


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Did T-Nation mail you your bodyfat assessment shoe yet? If not, it's in the mail...


Alberta eh?

Where? I'm in Edmonton.


Keep your hockey to yourself.



My condolences.


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I'm just joshin'.

I hear a lot of Canadians look down up Torontonians because they apparently act like their the centre of the world.

I play up to the stereotype for kicks.


Im from ont and just moved to Edmonton for work. Its alright, so far so good.


Not a fan of Edmonton, Calgary's where it's at (speaking with just a hint of bias). What's worse is it's too close to make fiscal sense to fly, so any time there's a reason to go there it's a 3 hour drive each way. Three hours of the most boring road I know of to get to a city I was never a big fan of. Yahoo.




I feel like I've had a discussion with you about Drumheller before, and I feel like we came to the conclusion that you were nuts for thinking it was so awesome. Or maybe that was just me that came to that conclusion, I'm not sure.


I don't like your attitude.


MAYBE he's paleontologist and works at the museum and has helped the writers of the jurassic park movies!!!

Hurry up and respond back to this thread dammit, we're dyin' with excitment here!


Whatever you do dude, don't leave your chucks accidentally at spock81's gym or she'll see them in the lost and found and make up some story in her head about how you're her lost soulmate and when she sees you it'll be love at first sight etc etc. Then she'll be mad at you when it turns out you're not. . .

On the upside she's cute and smart so that's a plus.


^^ OH yA! HAhAH! I totally forgot about that! Ohh man, good times.


lol! So Sturat was your Albertan Princess who fit in the magical converse slippers? =D



Spock is the cutest. :smiley:


Unfortunately, according to the diagram, she's also nuts. It's science.

And here's what I think of every time I see the Bowser avi . . .