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Hello, Fellow Methuselahs



After a very long & inexcusable hiatus , I started getting back into shape in January.

This is my first post . I figured my time would be better spent lifting and learning.
How’s it gone so far ?
Well , I’ve dropped 10 kg (23lbs) in six months.
How ? Drastic reduction in carbs , increased protein and lots of exercise.

What have I learned ?

One - don’t skip warm-ups.

Two - don’t force progress to the point where you risk injuries.

Three - Chin-ups are a MUCH better option for biceps development than barbell curls.

Four - nothing has come easy , but shoulder muscles grow noticeably quicker than any other.

Five - my overhead press is pathetic (long arms , poor triceps) , yet my best performance is on the dip bar. 15 reps @ 198lbs bodyweight plus 30lbs weighted backpack , deep with proper form , is easy for me.
Makes no sense , but it’s true.

Six - if I don’t have the time & energy to complete a workout in one go , I split it between a.m. and p.m.
Not ideal , but better than missing exercises.
If I need more than two minutes rest between sets , I will take it.

Seven - Frank Zane was right : the trick is to make the weights FEEL heavy.
How have I done this ? Very slow eccentrics.

My favourite contributor on T-Nation is Christian Thibaudeau.
He is not dogmatic , he’s no slave to conventional thinking and expresses himself clearly.

If I’ve struck a chord with , or even helped , any fellow half-centurians , great.
If I’ve bored anybody to tears , I humbly apologise.



Welcome, I’m new hear too.

Looks like you’ve got a good start and are feeling your way through what works best for you when it comes to training.