Hello, Fellow Athletes. 5 Weeks Off the Show

Hello, folks in eveywhere in the world.
I’m an athelete living in far east Asia.
Since we don’t have so much info in here…
I have to ask you guys a favor.
I’m currently 5 weeks off the show and I’ve been taking oral winny for 5 weeks.
I’m planning to cut it off for a week and then inject it for 5 more weeks.
What do you folks think about that?
Is it a good idea inject it 5 more weeks,
Or any better thing to use to lose some weight?
And if it is, how much cc should I inject?
I appreciate all your opinions.
Hope all of you have a good day:slight_smile:

What else are you running

3cc of Propionate everyweek for 6 weeks,
2cc of Masterone everyweek for 2weeks + 3cc of Masterone for 4weeks,
2cc of Primobolan for 6weeks
and 2cc of Parabolan from the 4th week.(so I’ve been running this for 2weeks now. Planning to run it till the 8th week.)
So currently, I’m on my 6th week of the 12weeks process. Is there any hole that you can find? Thanks for your reply, fellow:)

CC’s don’t tell me milligrams, also what’s your injection timing ed, eod e3d

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