Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone. I haven’t been on the site regularly for about five months and I wanted to apologize for my absence, especially to those whose emails I never responded.

Long story short, I have been out of the game since bowing out of the HotRox Challenge. I had some difficulties with my job that I let get the best of me, and I lost my job three weeks ago (our GNC was sold and we got less than 24 hrs. notice…real nice especially after being there seven years), which I’m convinced is a blessing in disguise.

The physique has really gone to hell, literally the worst shape I’ve been in in my entire life. I finally got my sorry butt back to the gym last Saturday and it was a very humbling experience. I have a lot of catching up to do but I am glad to be back and I’ve really missed the people on here.

SOOOO glad to have you back, Monty! Just the other day I was wondering if we’d ever hear from you again. PLEASE stick around; the forum is in dire need of some intelligent life.

Welcome back.

Now let’s get on track!

Press on, Monty!

Good to have you back.

Welcome back Bro, thats the cool thing about a gym it’s like an old Girl friend. They will take you back but you are going to have to pay the price!

Get your ass back into the forum, sir.

I’m with Merrow: forum is in need of a “intelligent kick in the ass”.

It is great to have you back!

Glad to have you back Monte!!!

It’s funny how life can throw things at you. I had a similar situation occur in the spring and things turned out so much better for me now.

Best of luck to you with that and don’t you EVER leave this forum again my friend!

Can’t believe you dropped out of the contest, ya wuss! :slight_smile:

Just funnin’ with you, Monty! Welcome back, and don’t worry, you’ll get back up to speed in the gym in no time!

Did you ever get that Pitch Shifter CD I sent you?

I’ve been there; the best part is that no matter how far you have drifted, you can always come back. Welcome back!


Thanks everyone…it’s really great to hear from you all.

I think things are finally on the way to getting back to normal. I got a phone call this morning that I got the job that I was hoping for, and that will help tremendously as I’ve really been stressing about what I’m going to do.

Now off to the gym!

Good to see you here again Monty, esp good news about this new job.

Glad to have you back, buddy. Congrats and best of luck with the new job.


New around these parts but wanted to welcome you back and say congrats on getting things back under control before they got any worse.

Way to go on the new job. I know what kind of stress relief that brings.

Keep us posted on your comeback!!

Many of us have been there.

Vixen in the making

monty, you’re a great guy nice to have you back.

Glad to have you back buddy! Seriously, I’ve missed having you around.

And like others have said, you’re not the only one to have some serious physique lows - you’ll get back in the groove soon enough.

Speaking of “the Groove,” where the heck is he?