Hello Everyone

Just introducing myself. My weight loss/muscle gain journey is underway and I wanted get stop by and say hello.

I’m 6’3 325lbs right now. 6 months ago I was 365lbs.

Changed my diet, and focused on cardio and lost 30 of that.

However when I switched focus to weight lifting, the last 15lbs I lost had a LARGER impact on my physique. I literally had to buy new clothes. I looking to start a beginner cycle for muscle gain because weight lifting seems to burn fat more efficiently than cardio for me.

Any advice?

Your not ready for gear yet big man. Congrats on the weight loss but stay on the track your on. You have only been lifting a few short months. So dont hop on gear yet man. Your still making great gains and losing weight right now. Keep at it and get your lifts up for a few more months and then we can get you into turning into a Animal.

Great job on the weight loss but give it another year with some more lost weight before you grab a pin. Gear can really jack up your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels to unhealthy levels, especially if they were out of wacky to begin with. But right now you can go quite a distance towards your physique and strength goals just by getting a sound training regimen and diet plan together. Best of luck.

I promise your post wasn’t there when I replied Reed…

[quote]johngalt191 wrote:
I promise your post wasn’t there when I replied Reed…[/quote]

Lol it happens to me alot too. Nothing wrong with him hearing good advice twice