Hello Everyone- New to Forum


I am fairly new to the forums here, and I have been lurking for a few months now, so I figured I would say hello and introduce myself. I entered the transformation 2020 and started a log over there. I am 48 and have been lifting mostly “on” for about 30 years. Of course when I started, I got my information from gym rats and magazines like muscle media 2000 or Arnolds Bodybuilding encyclopedia.

Anyway- After a back injury, then surgery, then recovery- I gained a significant amount of fat. I have a pretty good amount of muscle, but it is covered up so my goal is supposed to be fat loss, but I struggle at it.

Anyway, due to my back issues I have avoided squats, OHP and Dead lifts- so I don’t have any great bragging lifts to talk about. I started family late and have three little girls (3,6,10) and need to be around for awhile longer. I have been doing Best Damn Workout for Nats. 1 & 2 for the last two years and really like them. Like the low volume high frequency stuff. Anyway- thanks for reading. I am Mike BTW.


Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard.
We old broken dudes have to stick together.

Good luck with your training.
Lots of positive support here.
It’s a good group

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@williebrokeback hey Mike
How’s the traing going theses days? If ya don’t mind a suggestion, how about some core work to help that back problem?

Carl in Dover

Thank Carl,

I do some, but I could probably incorporate more honestly. I have recently added a few core strengthening things since the lockdown. Suspension strap fallouts, deadlifts and ab wheel rollouts. Any other suggestions?