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Hello Everyone! Diet & W/O Routine


After 3 months of not lifting/dieting… I
Constructed a clean bulking diet and a routine a 3-week cycle… would anyone please be nice enough to comment/add/change/ anything on the both regimes below?


Meal 1: 8:00am-

8 egg whites, 2 whole eggs
1 cup of oats
1 scoop of Optimum Serious mass weight gainer with Banana
1 capsule multi vitamins
1 capsule of flax oil/fish oil

Meal 2: 11:00:

Chicken 6.0z
2 Tinned cans of tuna
Handful of almonds
1cup of water

Meal 3 2:00pm PRE WORKOUT MEAL-

1 banana
1 microwave oatmeal
10-20 turkey slices
1 Cup of water
1 whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
1 Serving (4 sci-caps) - Creatine Ethyl Ester

Meal 4 5:00pm POST WORKOUT MEAL:

2 Scoops of Optimum Serious Mass Weight Gainer
2tablespoons of honey
1 canned Moroccan sardines
1 tinned canned of tuna
1 Serving (4 sci-caps) - Creatine Ethyl Ester

Meal 5 8:00pm-

Chicken cutlet/beef/chicken (whatever my mother cooks)
1 Fish Oil capsules
1 cup of water

Meal 6 Pre-bed meal-

1 capsule multi vitamins
1 Fish Oil capsules
Low fat cottage cheese with 2 cups of low fat milk

*MEAL REPLACEMENT: 2 Scoops of Optimum Serious Mass Weight Gainer

*Gallon of water is consumed throughout the meals.

  • 3 hour spread for each meal

Questions regarding the bulking diet:

  • I don’t know the exact macros… So does anyone know how much it is telling from what they see? each brand has a different gram range so I don’t know… is this a sufficient steady clean bulking diet?


WEEK 1- Number of Reps: 12, 10, 8

Monday: Chest & Abs
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Shoulder & Abs
Friday: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: Legs & Abs

WEEK 2- Number of Reps: 8, 8, 8

Monday Chest & Triceps
Tuesday: Shoulders & Traps
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Back & Biceps
Friday: Legs & Abs
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: OFF

WEEK 3- Number of Reps: 5, 5, 4, 3

Monday: Chest & Back
Tuesday: Shoulders & Traps
Wednesday: Legs & Abs
Thursday: OFF
Friday: Biceps/Triceps/Forearms
Saturday: Abs
Sunday: OFF

  • I did this because its basically good to change the rep range and different exercises and different splits,

  • I tried my best to give each muscle group or muscle full rest for the next week if you can see what I’m talking about…Like I didn’t do

Monday: Chest and abs
Tuesday: Triceps

I tried to the best of my ability to spread everything out and enough OFF days… If someone can rearrange it in another order its really appreciated.

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1)What is your height and weight?

2)What are your goals?

3)How long have you been working out?

4)When was the last time you worked out?

5)How many exercises per bodypart?

6)How much fat are you willing to add to your frame?

1- 5"10-11" not sure about the weight prob 160-170

2- gain min. fat and clean bulk to 200ish lbs by next year
3- year on and off
4- 4months ago
5- 3-4excierses
5- decent amount as long as I gained alot of muscle mass

Concerning your diet:
You look like the typical ectomorph so make sure those your eggs are whole, egg whites are for pre-contest!

Same goes for the milk, don’t go low-fat but drink whole. You’ll need the extra calories plus a low fat content inhibits the absorbtion of the protein in milk. Remember it’s mostly the milk sugar that’s the “bad” part of milk but on a bulk (clean or not) this should not even be taken into consideration.

Thirdly, up your fish oil!! I highly doubt that 1 cap a serving is gonna do much, 2g of both EPA/DHA is something to shoot for and if you get that from just 3 capsules I want to see that supplement…

I think you are in way over your head. You haven’t lifted enough to earn the kind of workouts you are planning. Your diet is going give you a bulk gone bad.

Concentrate on getting to the gym consistently. Off and on does not cut it. Do a full body 3x/wk or a upper/lower split 4-6x/wk.

gotcha! whole eggs check!!!

whole milk! check

fish oil 3 caps a day then ?

man i am going to go daily and whats on the schedule before i wasnt dedicated now i am point simple

X2 on the whole eggs

Do you plan on having varying meals, or just eat the same thing everyday? I eat 6 times a day, 4 consistent and 2 that vary daily(lunch and dinner)

I will be interested in seeing how this works out for you, I found hitting everything twice a week worked well for me.
In my bulk I went from 159 to 185 in just under 3 months check it out if youd like
You should consider keeping a log here, get advice along the way.
Good luck

Honestly to me it ;ooks like one of those nutrition plans that look good on paper but just impractical. For example, are you really going to eat 2 cans of tuna and 6 ounces of chicken for lunch? Sounds like a nasty mix and something you won’t stick with.

Why not just eat 12 ounces of chicken or 3 cans of tuna? Another thing I’d do is focus more on progression and getting stronger than changing the rep range so drastically and often.

Ditto on the whole eggs as well. For what it’s worth I take 4-6 fish oil tablets before bed.