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Hello Brock, Bill, Cy

Hi guys…I’ve enjoyed and learned much from your expertise with respect to anabolics. Now I’d like to ask something a little off topic. What are your opinions when it comes to MDMA (extacy)? Do you consider it safe in moderate dosages? Are the risks of strokes/ seratonin burnout a reality in sane, once a month usage? Your feedback is much appreciated.

Not safe and not worth using at any dosage. My opinion.

Wow! Very strong opinion, Mr. Willson. Now is that based on the fact that a lot of street “e” may be impure, or do you have convincing info that the drug itself may be dangerous when used prudently? Just curious (and thanks).

Take mucho ALA 2 days before and up to when you take it. also during, and a day after. furthermore, take 5-htp afterwards for a week. Once a month is the max I would use it…that shit fucks you up. YES, seratonin burnout is a factor, you damage the release mechanisms when you take ecstacy. the ALA only protects your brain from free radical damage in the brain. drink tons of water. E is pretty bad for you during a massing phase cause you feel ‘cracked out’ the next day and don’t want to see food ever again in your life. However, while dieting, go ahead (it is just a stimulant remember, structurally an amphetamine.) DO NOT go in a hot tub or any activity that increases body temparature rapidly and drastically. People have died from going in a hot tub while rolling. If you are going to do something stupid you might as well do it smart. ~PorchDawg