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Hello and Introduction. Tips/Help for 16 Y/O

Absolutely this. Never try to be the kind of guy you think they want because you’ll come across as a dickhead. Back yourself.

I can leave you guys my email if you want so we can take this off the exercise forum. Not sure if it is okay to continue conversation about this here. Direct as in how? Just yesterday I was at a modelling shoot (every single girl, and there was about 10 of them, were all 8/10 and 9/10, maybe a 10/10. I get the social media names of quite a few, thought I was being direct there, but when I asked some seemed a little surprised and not very warm. At the start of the day I’d been the social one. I got the bunch of 5 lads all talking, and then tried to start a group convo involving the girls. Asked names, said I knew a few of them, what work they had had thus far and stuff like that. We all got more familiar as the day went by, but I never was able to build up a significant level of attraction with any of them. I was cautious with flirting, as we were all in a big group most of the time and I didn’t want to embarrass a particular girl. I was helpful, helping the photographers carry heavy equipment (good friends with them), outgoing (we had to pretend to do a short piece of public speaking and I volunteered twice and did well, talking passionately etc.) and laid back. I can never seem to get a girl investing in me, chasing me and flirting with me. Probably need help with kino and conversation, as well as flirting. Sorry this is off topic.

you could start a thread in the “off topic” section of the site. You’ll get a lot of advice there along with some friendly ball busting. If you do start a thread about girls there you MUST preface it with a picture of a hot chick. This is strict girl-thread policy.

About your experience yesterday: sometimes the chicks just aren’t interested and there’s nothing you can do. I will say that modelling chicks your age are probably all only interested in dating guys aged 18+ so don’t worry too much about that.

I’ll do that. Deciding what girl to use. Maybe Gigi Hadid. On a side note, I’ve fallen in love with The Goo Goo Dolls. Never knew they existed, but they are incredible. Inspired me to pick my guitar back up and learn some of their music, and use it to make girl’s hearts melt. How would you fellas say be more direct?

Just created an off-topic thread: Pick Up/Pulling Advice & Tips for 16 Y/O M

Sorry for my delay. I’ll just address the rucking questions, since I’m too old to know anything about girls.
My guys tended to do best with 3 days a week of some lower body aerobics. It also fits well with strength work. So you can lift M-W-F to Yogi’s point and still not get wrecked. Very simple weekly plan:
1 speed day: Sprints. I used between 200 and 600m. I like hills here too. It doesn’t matter that much, but I think stay around 30-90 seconds of work. Alternate that over weeks, so week 1: 30, week 2: 60, week 3: 90, etc. You can go shorter if you want, but, in my opinion, it becomes a form game at that point and you’re training to move with kit on which negates fast sprint starts. I would do these on a day that already has squats or whatever your lower body strength day is rather than a different day.
1 tempo day. Just do something at a good clip for about 20-30 minutes. You should be breathing hard the whole time but you shouldn’t die. It may be a jog/ walk until you hold yourself up.
1 long day. This is your ruck day. I’d do it on Saturday, then you get to do arms afterward if you feel like it. For the most part I recommend staying at about an hour to 90 minutes. More than that over the long hall tended to break dudes down more than build them. That’s not to say you won’t need to do more as you get closer to needing to do more, but you’re building a base right now. A very baseline standard is 15 minute miles for 12 miles with 45 lbs. This is bare minimum and does not get to change over road vs over terrain. Don’t kill yourself getting there. Just get some boots and walk with a backpack on at a brisk pace working on lengthening your stride. Your goal is to get to 12.5 minute miles over road without jogging. I alternated this with running on a 2:1 basis (so two weeks of ruck, 1 week just run this day). As you get to a point of more specificity you can look at turning your tempo day into a heavy ruck day for an hour and alternating weeks of adding weight that day and adding miles to your long day.
Keep in mind you have 5 years at this point. Your goal should be to build a base so you’re not starting in the hole when you show up, but don’t hate life or get injured (heavy kit takes a toll on the joints).

Hope that long dissertation was somewhat helpful.

when I say “be direct” I just mean don’t be scared to approach girls and ask them out. Don’t sleaze over like “baby I wanna be on you” but strike up a conversation and if there’s a vibe (trust your instincts) then don’t be scared to invite her out for a drink or whatever (I realise you’re kinda young for that but substitute drink for movie, roller disco, whatever it is youngsters do for fun these days).

Getting shot down happens, and it won’t kill you if it does. Take it like a man and don’t get all arsey about it. If she says no just smile and say that it’s cool, then move on. Think of it like this: if she says no to you now, that’s not to say that she’ll say no again if you bump into her in a few weeks/months/years, so don’t be a dick about it.

I assume because you’ve done some modelling that you’re a good looking kid, so you’re in a better position than most to do some ladykilling (metaphor; please don’t actually kill any ladies)

Cheers Train for the rucking/aerobics info. Putting together a workout plan for the next few months soon and will work that into it. There is an air cadet endurance challenge “The Nijmegen Challenge” which involves 100 miles of marching in four days (so roughly 25 miles a day) with about 4-5kg max for cadets under 18. Not much weight. Got my boots, a pack and so on, so I can start that too. The stuff you recommended will be ace for that.

I get you. It’s all about the experience and practice. Trust me girls my age and under are, shall we say, acquiring their tastes to a significant extent already haha. But yeah keep it appropriate. There is one lass who was replying to me with one word replies so I said “I don’t do one word convos. Makes things boring” with her replying “Okay then.” Not worth the effort. Would be good to know how to get investment through text/messaging game tbh. I won’t kill any ladys, but I love the metaphor. My profile pic (strangely) is one of my modelling headshots. Little out of date, shorter hair now.

Yeah… that Off Topic thread thing? Pure venomous feedback there on the whole.

Hey kierensaddlr regarding the weights you are lifting are you adding the weight of the bar to them?
You see you first mentioned a 15kg deadlift then said it was 30kg. This kind of implies that you had a 15kg plate at each end.
A standard straight bar weighs 20kg. So a 15kg plate at each end is actually a 50 kg deadlift.

Next time I go to the gym I will clarify it. Chances are my gym are using standard ones. You will probably be right. When I increase the reps I doubt I will be able to keep that up.

Hello Yogi (and all),

I am loving how the Harbinger Hypertrophy workout can fit around my busy schedule. Would you say create 8-10 different combinations I can switch between so I am varying what I do and be able to access a workout easily?

yo dude, it’s good you’ve found a routine you like. I’m not familiar with Harbinger Hypertrophy so I can’t really set it up for you, but don’t be scared to set up your own workout templates. A lot of beginners obsess over the “perfect” routine, but in actual fact the routine itself doesn’t make much difference. As long as you are working your whole body and really bust your ass with effort in the gym any routine’ll work so don’t worry about making it perfect.

try this, -slightly superior template with variety programmed in…

Hello Rampant,

Thank you for your recommendation. Could you please explain the ways in which this programme is superior to the other one? Also, I see that it lists things like “Upper Body Pressing (Vertical Plane).” This may be simple to many of you experienced body builders, but being honest all of the terminology and words kinda confused me. Not trying to be ignorant, just unfamiliar. A list of exercises as part of each of these groups would be helpful if I take this up, so I am not scratching my head thinking what qualifies as what.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Its a great template as it gets you doing 10x3 which just might be the king for big strength gains and also has you training through a really broad range of rep schemes which will build a solid base for future lifting.
Many people here have reported solid results over the years from this kind of approach.

Upper pressing vertical plane means a move like Military presses, high incline dumbell press, shoulder press machine etc

“Upper Body Pushing (Horizontal Plane)
Upper Body Pulling (Horizontal Plane)
Upper Body Pushing (Vertical Plane)
Upper Body Pulling (Vertical Plane)
Lower Body (Hip Dominant)
Lower Body (Quad Dominant)”

Basically translates as:
Dumbell rows
Military press
Deadlift variation
Squat/leg press

So would I need to change up from those exercises or not to see gains? Also are there any benefits to keeping the same amount of sets and reps?

Not sure what you mean about the excercises? Those are all you really need for that program.

A program with a fixed rep scheme is actually fine for a beginner and will teach you to strain and keep things simple but sooner rather than later your numbers plateau. The programs that people report back the best results like 5/3/1 usually have some kind of variety built in to stop you stagnating

I mean should I change the exercises up each time? Also what should I do when I plateau?

You dont need to change excercises as you’re changing rep schemes each workout which is enough variety. Saying that If feeling beat down or really have an itch theres nothing wrong with doing machine versions/dumbells etc for the odd workout.

As long as you keep a rep in the tank and eat right you should be a able to do a coupe runs without plateauing. After that it should be time to switch up programs anyway

Right I understand now, thank you Badger. I assume by only doing pullups for the vertical plane section will get me huge functional strength and get definition?