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Hello All

Great site you got here, jsut saying hi to every one. i have been reading these boards for the last 3 hrs, lol, and i cant wait to get back in the gym and put to use all the things i have learn here to good use.

right now i am doing

585 x 1 for deadlifts
585 x 1 for squats
315 x 1 for bench

also im 21, 6"1 and 385

my bench has been going down bad the last month, all i can get now is 315, but i have alot of things to try when i hit the gym. oh and after reading this site i have realized that my bench form is horible, my deadlift form is not close to being good, and my squats seem to contradict this site.

my bench form is a wider grip, and i flare my elbows bad. for dead lfits, after reading the 10 things not to do, i think i do most of them, lol. i start with butt to floor almost, with knees over the bar, and shines next to it. with my shoulders infront of it, and back rounded. i just deadlifted today, and it was a waste, too bad i didnt find this site last night. my squats i use to do with a wider stance, but was told to go shoulder width, and focus on using the quads. the way im doing i dont feel any stress in my back, and i feel relaxed in it. i will have to read up some more on squats.

just figured i say hi, and thxs. will post my results in a month, and see how they are with proper technique

Welcome to T-Nation!
It’s always nice to have veterans become part of the community. This is a great place to supplement the training and nutrition knowledge and experience you have gained through your years of training.