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Hello all

I’ve just registered and thought I’d give everyone my story.

I’ve been reading T-mag web articles for a couple of months now and the t-forum for a few weeks. I started training at about age 16. I weighed about 120 lbs at the time at about 5’9 (very skinny!). I trained on and off (my training got more serious & consistent over the years) until age 23 at which point I just stopped -long story. That was about four years ago. I recently started training again, since June, and it’s been slow getting back into shape but I love being back in the iron game.

My stats (before my long layoff from training) where:

BW: about 165-170 lbs
Arms: 16.5 inches cold flexed, 17 pumped
Calves: a little over 16 inches cold (not much bigger when pumped)
Quads: a tad under 25 inches
Waist: 27 inches contracted, 29 relaxed
Body Fat %: ? never got it tested but I was very defined, definetely in the single digits.

Lifts in the gym:

Squat: 405 X 6 (Done with a fairly wide stance, down to parallel, no belt, no wraps, no nothing.)
Dead-lift: 415 X 6 (sumo, no gear as above but with lifting straps)
SL dead-lift: 315 X 8
Leg-press: 10 plates per side X 8
Hack squat: 5 plates per side X 6 (going all the way down)
Flat bench: 225 X 8, 275 X 1 (I always sucked at these)
Incline bench: 205 X 8
Incline DB bench: 100 X 6
Dip: BW + 160 lbs X 6
Close-grip bench press: 205 X 6
Pull-up: BW + 70 lbs X 8

I trained mostly in the 6 to 8 reps range. I very rarely did singles. My split was Quads Hams Calves, Chest Back, and Arms. I’d do abs on leg day if I wasn’t too spent, otherwise I’d get them in on another day. I trained about 4 days a week.

At the present time I weight about 170 but with much higher BF% (and extra inches around my waist), my other measurements are about an inch or so bellow my previous best, and I think I’m about 15 lbs of lean mass less. Strength is much lower though! It’s actually puzzling to me.

Anyway, I leave it to that for now.

The “much less” strength issue has to do with your Nervous system’s ability to generate force.

And that will come back as you “reeducate” it.

Dan “Neuromuscular Junction, what’s your Function?” McVicker