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Hellhammer 5’s Recommendations?

Does anyone have any recommendations about this template? Who should use it? What’s it best for? How should the main lifts be structured? What conditioning and assistance works well with it?

I’m feeling pretty burnt out after losing 20lbs in 2 months (which I needed to do for health reasons) and this template sounded appealing. I still have 10lbs I’d like to lose in the next two months.

The way I had it explained to me was:

Main Lift
HH 5’s (Alternate lift) add weight every week.

Thanks for any advice.

Hellhammer 5’s what?

I thought it was a 5/3/1 Template. Like 5/3/1 main sets and reps, Hellhammer 5’s Supplemental.

Maybe I’m way off but I just finished a session and it went

Press: 125x3, 140x3, 160x6
Joker sets: 170x3, 175x1
CGBP Hellhammer 5’s
4x20 Face-pulls, 4x20 Curls, 4x20 Pushdowns, 4x20 DB Rows/arm
20 minutes Airdyne

Just haven’t heard anything about it and can’t recognize from the books.

The only reference I could find googling it was from Jim’s website:

Question: Jim please help me! How do I program 2-3 board press as accessory for 531!!

Answer: You’d train it just like you train every supplemental movement in the 5/3/1 program: get a TM and use one of the dozens of supplemental programs (FSL, SSL, BBB, Hellhammer 5’s, etc.)

Where did you find the template?

I don’t want to post Wendler’s template without his permission. I would if it were publicly posted online already but I’ve never seen it. It was told to me by a third party. Sorry man.

I found it on his private website. For a couple less vente mochas you can gain access to it.

I wish. I’ve never seen registration open in 4 years. I’d sign up in a heartbeat