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Helladrol Setup. Advice?

Hey guys.

Running my first cycle, I chose hdrol. It’s mild and cheap and supposedly gives nice lean gains.

My protocol is going to be 75/75/75/75/75/75
If I feel great I’ll bump up to 100.

I’ve done all the research and wouldn’t post if I saw much current info on it (sometimes new science is available and posts from 2006 won’t have it). But if anyone has advice it would be much appreciated.

I’m going to be running 6 weeks with liver protection products, along with taurine, fish oil, glucosamine, and animal pak

I’ll also be using bcaa’s, mhp up your mass, and creatine mono.

For PCT I don’t trust OTC products. So I’ll be doing nolva 20/20/10/10
During PCT I’ll also toss in tribulus, zma, activate xtreme, and triazole.

Anything I missed? Any advice?

As for me. I’m 26, 5’8 and 183 pounds. Around 12-13%
I’ve been training since I was 17, haven’t missed a week since.
Diet will be bulking at around 3600 cals a day, 300g protein.

Any benefit to clomid over nolva? I have adex on hand as well i had gyno when I was 16 and am not going to risk it again. Even though I’ve heard it’s less of an issue.
Think I’m ready?
How soon after am I able to cut? If the gains are lean I won’t cut until January anyways.

Thanks guys. I’m new so before you flame me, try and keep in mind I’m here to gladly take advice.

looks good maybee add some daa to pct. i would atleast wait a few weeks after pct to start cutting just to be sure ur fully recovered

Sounds good. DAA it is.

I had one other question. I normally do upper/lower split. If back pumps start giving issues should I switch to a different routine where I’m not using my back everyday?