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Helladrol and Dieselbolan


Looking to do a first cycle I know these are pro hormones not technically steroids but has anyone tried this and do they give results ?
My idea for a cycle.
1-6 helladrol 75/75/75/100/100/125. 1-6 hcgenerate or transaderm 1-6 n2gaurd. 4-12 forma Pct: 6-10 clomid 25/25/25/25. 6-12 forma. 6-12 ostarine 50mg e/d6-12 DAA 5g e/d. 6-12 GW (SARM) 5mg AM 5mg PM

If any body has any ideas on any other cycle feel free to let me know im still learning and researching open to all advice


hcgenenrate is crap, N2guard is crap, Forma is crap

What are your stats? How old are you?

Prohormones are a waste of money when you can get the real stuff for the same price.


Im 5'8" 148 lbs about to be 21


How long have you been training??

You need to gain more quality mass before you start using compounds that will give the same gains you could have made off of a few months of food and hard work.


Its been on and off since I was 16 and yea I know i need more mass if I ran a cycle itd be in like 6 months im eating like a freight train right now and hitting the gyn 5 times a week . If I do run a cycle in 6 months I just wana have everything right that's why im researching and asking advice now


Man you young guys are impatient LOL

You know you CAN gain an extra 20 pounds over 18-24 months with hard training, food and supplements if you're just 5'8" 148 lbs ?

Roids and prohormones at a yound age can screw your hormones for LIFE, that is, unlike us old geezers who can come off and go back to our regular levels, you can actually lower the potential you would have attained naturally by screwing up with your hormones before 25.

If you want to be a pro athlete, etc. sure. But to gain some mass? Just WORK at it! Come on, son


I would like to bodybuild pro but im not sure were to start that's why im looking at the juice haha


What?? How about you start in the damn kitchen.


You kidding me? I gained 20 lbs in under the first 12 months using food and weights.

As an aside, what the ever loving fuck is up with those prohormone names?? They sound like something a pre-pubescent youtube commenter would name their supplements.


The juice is something pros use after they've gained roughly 40 lbs naturally. Yeah, I said that and yeah it's true. Often times even more than that. I know people who have gained roughly 60-70 lbs naturally and still aren't big enough to be pros.

Steroids are a trump card. If you have to play your trump card to make it out of the intramural sports league, how are you ever going to get to the Major Leagues?

Answer: you won't.

Don't be stupid. Figure things out without the steroids. IF you really do want to try to bodybuild, it's not just about the juice. Every pro bodybuilder uses juice, but what makes them pros in the first place isn't their drug stack.


In theory for bodybuilding, the closer you are to your natural potential before you start gear the better that way your not wasting a whole bunch of time gaining muscle that you could have with dedication and food and dulling receptors.


Haha alright guys im gonna keep training and eating like a champ maybe in 3 to 5 yrs get. Some juice I ain't even decided for sure bout it but if I do it later on might as well go big and get the real shit and forget the pro hormone


Dulling receptors? Do you have any proof on this?


uhm, Helladrol is actually a steroid. it's simply not banned... that dosage scheme is absurd for a first time user... i ran several versions of 4-chloro at 50-75 mg, and had awesome results, and am literally 100 lbs heavier than you.

i suspect you got the info on this cycle from Elite Fitness, which is notorious for suggesting OTC products for PCT, that a) are 10x expensive as Nolvadex and b)not proven to even work. in fact, i got banned from there for bringing that up....

they also recommend Ostarine in PCT, which is idiotic, as it might affect your natural test levels, especially at 25 mg/day.

i tried out Ostarine and GW1516 recently, and didn't like GW, although i thought Ostarine had some potential (and would suggest running it on it's own).

EDIT: Ostarine is normally run at 25 mg/day, and just saw you had it listed at 50 mg/day... prolly no reason to do that, based off user feedback.


i'd echo the advice on focusing on eating and training at your age... when i was younger, my metabolism was so fast it was hard for me to gain weight, even though i got stronger. i didn't gain much muscle until i started eating a lot...

as far as how to run this cycle (for down the road), i'd go like this:

Week 1-6: Helladrol-50 mg/day
Week 7-9: DAA-3 grams/day
Week 7-10: Tamoxifen-20 mg/night
Week 7+ ZMA: 3 caps/night

i'd suggest Helladrol over Ostarine, unless you're using it for sports.... i found the 4-chlor clones to be quite amazing, and gained strength, size and lost bodyfat with very little sides.

Ostarine wasn't all that impressive, but it does seem quite useful in sports, as it increases strength and endurance and seems to make joints/bones stronger, as well....


Alright ill research that stuff thanks guys


btw, was i right about Elite Fitness recommending this cycle?


It was actually on a old forum somewere haha