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Helladrol 50, On-cyle, PCT



week 1-6
50mg (2 pills)
75mg (3 pills)
75mg (3 pills)
100mg (4) pills
100mg (4) pills
125mg <---- depending how i feel

Preload 2 weeks before with milk thistle and protex

Protex & milk thistle weeks 1-6

PCT Weeks 6-10
Nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg/30ML=Nolva)

week 1 3Ml a day
week 2 3Ml a day
week 3 1.5Ml a day
week 4 1.5 ml a day

How does this sound? Please if you can respond asap i already have my Milk thistle, Helladrol 50, and Nolva, just waiting to make sure protex is ok as well.

Also one quick question, once i up the dosage to 4 pills should i take 2 in the morning one preworkout one at night or should i take 1 in the morning 2 preworkout 1 at night? thanks guys!

Also ive read most T boosters are a waste of your time. I would like to take something that helps regulate the test levels back to normal. Any suggestions?

Try the ‘Steroids’ section under the off topic tab.

I’ve done the research i was told. I just need to make sure i did it correctly. What are you referring to lookin at in the steroids section?