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Helladrol 50 Cycle, On cycle, and PCT



week 1-6
50mg (2 pills)
75mg (3 pills)
75mg (3 pills)
100mg (4) pills
100mg (4) pills
125mg <---- depending how i feel

Preload 2 weeks before with milk thistle and protex

Protex & milk thistle weeks 1-6

PCT Weeks 6-10
Nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg/30ML=Nolva)

week 1 3Ml a day
week 2 3Ml a day
week 3 1.5Ml a day
week 4 1.5 ml a day

How does this sound? Please if you can respond asap i already have my Milk thistle, Helladrol 50, and Nolva, just waiting to make sure protex is ok as well.

Also one quick question, once i up the dosage to 4 pills should i take 2 in the morning one preworkout one at night or should i take 1 in the morning 2 preworkout 1 at night? thanks guys!

Also I read t boosters are a waste of money now days? Nething i could take to help restore my t boosters during MY PCT phase.

Can i get a answer please?

I thought yall were here to help us if we do the research and ask questions. Damn. IF You could answer NE ONE of my questions it’d be helpful. Also when i get off the helladrol how long wud i wait to take a t booster? I decided to take arima-test (gnc) with my nolva? Start taking it when i take my nolva or what?

DUDE just get some test. Most pro hormones sides out weigh their benefits.

Gotta FIND it!
Cant find it so this where im at.

then honestly it looks fine go for it