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Hella Huge Thanks!

T-Dogs and T-Vixens…You all know as being part of the T-Fam that we share our knowledge, experience and opinions with one another freely and without reserve. While it is neither necessary nor expected to come outright and say “Gee, thanks!” for every little piece of advice to each and everyone that offers counsel, there comes a time when one needs to be placed on a pedestal, if you will.

I’m talking about Tampa-Terry. TT has been so kind as to answer each and everyone’s reply in such a remarkable fashion that entailed great research, literary finesse and genuine interest in success for the person to whom it was addressed. TT has been getting called out quite a bit lately, and rise to the challenge she has. With the inception of the new forum format and the features it involves–including the Personal Message format–TT has had to crank it up a notch as her volume and intensity have increased disproportionately.

Now, I’m sure that TT responds without reserve to each and every one’s questions, concerns and comments, but a line needs to be drawn. As you can see, I’ve alluded to some training terms, and just like training, there are some ill side-effects of cranking it up for too long, and in too rapid a fashion. We don’t want out TT to get overtrained now, do we? Nah, I didn’t think so.

But what we do want is to let TT know how much all of us appreciate her fantastic contribution to the forum. I don’t recall anyone getting so many call-outs since my dog JB was around on a regular basis. Now that’s saying something. So, everyone, give TT a shout right here, and try to understand that our girl can’t answer each and everyone’s every question. There is life outside the Forum, ya know:-)

Agree, Agree, Agree, 100%. It seems Terry has become everyone’s “Diet Tech Support Number”, and I can see how that would take its toll. Terry, thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, and for God’s sake, don’t burn yourself out answering the same questions every day!!! Thanks again, Terry!

Tampa-Terry is probably the greatest contributor to the forum right now. She is an extrememly valuable asset to our community here on the forum.
Thank you for all of the time, effort and expert information that you supply us all with.
You ROCK TT!!!

Timbo, I could just strangle you at times. Don’t you know I like to sail quietly under the radar? And here you go with this pedestal thing?!? Next thing it’s going to be a darn SPOTLIGHT!!! (Long Exagerated Sigh)

Okay, thank you for the kinds words. And, yes, on a more serious note, I am taking steps to ensure that I’m participating at a level that adds to the quality of my life. Who is it here on the forum that’s famous for that “Quality” thing, something about “Quality with a capital Q”? I don’t know; can’t seem to remember.

What I’d really like everyone to know is that T-Nation isn’t about any ONE of us. It’s about each and every one of us collectively. The diversity, the knowledge – AND the willingness of the people here to share what they know to help another never ceases to amaze or humble me.

Right on the money Timbo. TT is aware of my appreciation for her work. Thanks girl.

Well I am a big TT fan as everyone knows.

If I was Biotest (hint hint) I would make sure TT has a good supply of gratis supps so that she can advise others about thier use!!! She is objective enough not to be swayed by the gratis part of the deal and she is diligent about posting results. Couldn’t think of a better deal for both.

Thoughts or comments?

I whole heartidly agree,
TT has been a great help and influence in the forum. Albiet, I have only been using the forum for a short while…she has been more than willing to help me out with any and all questions I have. Thanks TT! You are freakin awesome. I look forward to corresponding with you in the future!

although I’ve said it many times, I can’t say it enough…you have been such a HUGE help to me over the last few weeks, an inspiration, a motivation and an affirmation. You are why I now keep a food log. really. You kept hammering away at me to do it, and I am grateful for your persistence. Thank you. I really look forward to sharing the results with you. Take some well deserved time off. You’ve been great to us…now be great to yourself!

though i don’t post often, i do read, and i must say that terry is extremely valuable for lurkers as well as those who direct questions her way. also, let’s not sell t-rock short either, as he provides so much himself. both of youall are representative of how this should work. it’s so helpful and motivating to read your (and everyone else’s for that matter) posts.
big ups.

TT: If there is one individual who defines Quality with a captial Q…well, TT would get my vote.

I only put the Spotlight on you cause you deserved it. But, most importantly, I wanted to make sure that your fingers didn’t fall off, your mind didn’t get torched and, most of all, you were able to maintain some sanity. We all love our TT, baby!

And, I’ll concur, the T-Fam is what makes this place Rock like no other.

  Only thing lower than kissing someone's ass, is kissing someone's ass for someone else!
  Anywho, and since terry is a girl, and we all like those, Thanx! I do know she's helpful. 

oh yeah…big thanks to TT for helping me set my diet straight. i haven’t gotten a straight and simple answer like that from anyone in 3 years…good grief…and hey lookit, it’s working…well darn…

thanks for the tips, TT :wink:

Hey, guys (& KC), thank you so much. Boy, doesn’t this feel like you’re sitting 'round the fire on a cold night, drink cocoa (or maybe something a little bit harder), getting caught up with old friends.

Now, my most fervent hope is that you’ll take anything you’ve learned from me and the rest of T-Nation and magnify it. Share it with someone else who’s traveling the same path or who could just use a kind word.

Boy, am I turning sappy or what. Guess it’s the late night hour.

KC, that’s great news, the sort of stuff that really makes my day.

Shiner, you made a good point about the public posts on the forum benefiting the many who quietly lurk. I think that’s why when push came to shove I decided to focus my efforts and time on the forum.

Hedo, (whispering) promise you won’t tell anyone I paid you to say that. And to keep you quiet, I’ll even split the bootie Biotest sends my way. (wink)

Nick, Tony, Lorne, thank you. And Diesel, I’m not sure, but I think that deserves a thank you.

And Timbo, I’m still going to strangle you the next time I catch up with you!

Okay, FYI, I’m turning off my PM tonight, which means I’ll have no more torn loyalties. Catch me on the forum, guys . . . if you can. (grin)

you rock

Oh, Poohbaya and BodyIQ, I was – er, just saving the best for last. Yeah, that’s it, “the best for last”!

And U-2, Whetu.

Catch me if you can, Baby! (grin)

You know TT is also one of the most humble person I know. For the amount of time she spend on these forums. Which I think she spends more then some of the t-mag writers themselves.

You think she get something from them, but she doesn’t. I think she should get something from t-mag or biotest for a the work and time she put in …

Maybe a free sub of the print t-mag or a couple of months supply of Biotest supplements… Or her own forum… What do you think T- maggers??

Terry is being very helpful. She has a great knowledge of the previous issues section of T-mag. But I think some of the newbies are taking advantage of her instead of delving into the FAQ and previous issues themselves. They need to learn to fish, not be given fish, if you catch my meaning. They’re even bugging her with MAG-10 questions, which as a female, she’s never even used.

Still, Terry is very patient and helpful. I hope she doesn’t burn out; I know I did for a while there. You start out wanting to help newbies, then you want to just strangle them!

And fitone, maybe the T-mag writers don’t participate all day because they’re busy running their businesses, training athletes, developing supplements, getting their Phd’s, writing books, writing articles for us to read and spending whatever time is left over with their families! Just a thought. Sometimes I think we take advantage of this free site and the helpful people on it sometimes and get a little spoiled.

TT: thanks for continuing the forum, albeit at the expense of personal messages to a certain extent. while i don’t converse much here, i go to work each day at a supp shop / smoothie bar and get absolutely bombarded with questions about how to lose fat or gain muscle. i usually spit out info i gathered right here on the site. last night, in fact, a girl really wanted to gain fat and had been having trouble. i gave her a little breakdown of JB’s eating protocol and told her to stick to C+F meals (how fun would that be?) and go apeshit…

basically, i think there are many others in like situations that use this board to gather resources not only for themselves, but for their jobs, family / friends, whatever. so, to reiterate, all regular (and irregular too) posters, pat yourselves on the back, unless your lats are so hyuuge that you can’t reach your arm around :slight_smile:

TeK - Yeah, a lot of the posts we see are TT responding to some newbie questions. But you know what, when I read them I’m always reminded about how simple a lot of this whole thing is, and how important it is to keep the basics in tact. Whats more, I especially appreciate reading intelligent and kind responses to people’s questions instead of “damnit why don’t you search through the forum archives.” TT is respectful to people even when they aren’t sure what they are talking about.

In addition, I’ve learned a lot of much more ‘advanced’ information from reading TT’s posts on any number of subjects, esp. pertaining to diet and supplement behaviors.