Hell Yeah!

Just happy with my current progress and wanted to share!

Few weeks ago was:

BW - 67kg
Dead- 105kg
Bench- 70kg
Squat- 75kg

BW - 68kg
Dead- 120kg
Bench- 75kg (bar touches chest)
Squat- 90kg (legs just past parallel)

Was insipred after reading an article on here about some common strength ratings compared to bodyweight (I’ 5’6").

My goal is:
BW - 70kg
Dead - 140kg (x2 BW)
Bench - 85kg (x1.25 BW)
Squat - 105kg (x1.5 BW)

After which I’ll switch gears to cutting some bodyfat. I want abs but I’ve learned one thing from T-Nation and that is to focus on building some strength first.

Maybe in another couple of years I’ll get to my ultimate goals of:

BW - 75kg (lean with abs!)
Dead - 150kg! (x2 BW) (nice round number)
Bench - 100kg! (x1.33 BW) (Just want to be able to bench 3 digits!!!)
Squat - 130kg! (x1.75 BW) (just don’t think I’ll get too much more than this)

Fuck Yeah! Just wanted to share. I know my lifts are small right now - no need for laughter.

Good work. But believe me to hit your “dream” numbers, you do not need a “couple more years” if you work hard and the right way.

How long have you been training? Your ultimate goals aren’t anything special. Don’t set your goals too low. With another couple of years you could get to 3-4-5 … 300lb bench, 400lb squat, 500lb DL. You aim for that, and whats the worst that can happen? You’ll still get to your “ultimate” goals that you have now.

Had the ‘aim for 3-4-5’ discussion before.

I won’t stop after I get to my goals but the goals I’ve set are in the foreground of my mind right now (if that makes sense).

I’ve been training for 13 months. I started out @

BW - 76kg
Bench - 50kg (poor form - who knows what I did with the bar)
Squat - didnt do.
Dead - didnt do.

The squats and deads have only been happening for 2-3 months.

The first 6-9 months was cutting my bodyfat - now that thats proper I am starting some ‘real’ training with my mind focused on increasing my lifts.


Have to share again.

Today was a great day. I reached my goal of a 140kg deadlift! I also increased by bench and squat this week and am very near my goals on these. My lifts have been going up way quicker than I expected.

But I’ve hit my first goal of a 1,2,3 lift in bench,squat,dead.

Now I’m going for a 2,3,4 in these lifts! BooYa! Lifting heavy shit is fun, eh?

I started taking Creatine about 4 weeks ago and that shit is magic.

I’m 68.5kg BW and my 1RMs are:

Dead-140kg (308 pounds)
Squat-95kg (209 pounds)
Bench-80kg (176 pounds)

I also got to scare a pretty-boy supersetting cheat curls and hammer curls with pink dumbbells at the same time.

He looked like he shat himself when I managed to dead my new PR!

Your ‘ultimate’ goals are low, you should have higher goals out of yourself! Either way looks like your making progress. A great way to keep progress going is to train with a friend who is around your same strength and basically have friendly competition between each other.

Also the whole weight to size is really not that important. Leverages play a MUCH larger part then weight. Just focus on improving and shooting for heavy pr’s. Basically just because you might be smaller doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to out lift some of your bigger friends :).

Yeah. When I get my 2,3,4 then my goal will be 3,4,5.

Baby steps!

Oh and I will say I was wrong about not using mixed grip on deads.

Bar fell out of my hand @ 130kg. Maybe thats why I scared curl-boy? :slight_smile: Tried mixed grip on 140kg and muuuuuuuuuuch firmer grip.

Tried to get my friends and my brother in on training but no one wants to play with me. :frowning:

I actually figure being short and have short arms and legs makes lifting easier for me but it just sounds cool when I can say: “DUDE! I’m half your size but I bench twice what you can!”

Congrats, keep up the good work.