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Hell Yeah, New Articles!

In this week’s T-Nation:

TC for President
by TC

The Atomic Dog as prez? He’d probably get BJ’s in the Oval Office and start wars just 'cause his daddy didn’t have an endgame! The American public would never put up with that, right?

The Steroid Interviews
by Chris Street

How a Mr. Olympia competitor gets big. His actual cycle.

Violent Variations
by Christian Thibaudeau

The Thib provides you with some fabulous hair styling tips and the latest in spring fashion. Oh wait, we rejected that article. Turns out this one is about getting hyooooge by using some little known exercise variations.

Ghost Dawg
by The Ghost

Most bodybuilding mags are so boring only a dead guy could enjoy them. Luckily, we have one on staff.

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II
by John Berardi

Mad scientist JB turns his mass diet into a brand new beast and sets his critics straight. Foo’s better recognize before we peal they caps back. Word.

News and Reader Mail

Gay powerlifters, appetite suppressants, delusional women, sex expos, bench press tips and, as always, your wacky feedback.

Thib, what the F#@$!!! YOU’RE BIGGER THAN EVER? When were those photos taken??? Your front delts are ridiculous!!!

DAMN!!!, massive eating part 2 rocks!!!, i have 3 week bulking period of QD and i will definately make use of Massive Eating II

Thanks PGA, I appreciate the good words. I don’t want to sound cocky, but the pictures are actually deceiving, I’m in much better shape than it shows. The quality of the pics is not optimal, but you get the idea :slight_smile:

Hell Yeah! I’m gonna beat Cupcake in making the weekly smart ass post on the articles!

Not that this guy’s illiteracy needs to be highlighted, but consider this passage:

“While “normal” army?s will teach soldiers not to execute commands against the Geneva Convention (like executing armless women and kids) troops trained according to that scheme (like the soviets did, the nazis did) will happily kill whenever required.”

I have some familiarity with international law, and I can say for a fact that the Geneva Convention’s prohibition on killing non-combatants is not limited to women who are double amputees. The Convention makes no mention an whether it is permissible to kill baby goats.

On Adal’s anti-American rant:

I’m not usually one for heavy-handed opinions based on a single reading of someone’s…but Adal is absolute dick!

And boyz, that was a hilarious response to his yap & spittle…BTW, I killed some armless non-Americans today, as per the decoded message in the articles.
Also, the toxins…err, HotRoxx…are also scheduled for international release as scheduled!

Zeig heil, & all that!



Any country who has a special forces is evil these days. Look at Canada’s beavers.

I’m quite disappointed. i was expecting athlete pendulum training from CT. :frowning:

Mike ~

I don’t want this to come off like “I let you win” or anything but…

…I let you win.

Actually, I was busy searching Canadian constitutional law for information on how we could get T.C to run for Prime Minister in Canada. Having already established his Canadian-ness and verified that his Mother was indeed Mary-Rae Fortensky the little known “sixth member” of the Famous five, I had thought it to be just a formality but it turns out that to run he must defeat Paul Martin in a death match debate involving poorly maintained helicopters, anti-English language laws and reprinted posters featuring Rene levesque and Pierre Eliot Trudeau in a semi-nude embrace from Woodstock.

T.C said he was in until the Rene levesque thing came up. Memories of a party that Rene had invited T.C and his first wife to turning out to be a swingers evening still burns in T.C’s mind.

You’d still be pissed too if you spent all night fending off an younger, testosterone filled Joe Clarke. T.C still can’t eat melon balls without getting a sick feeling in his tummy.

So it looks like we Canadians are out of luck again. Besides, you can’t say “Vagina” here in Canada, you have to say 'La Pussy".

“An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry”

~ T. S. Eliot

TC’s Statements on Gun Control:

“No one knows what the hell the founding fathers meant when they wrote that damn thing. Any modern-day interpretation is just a guess”

This is not an opinion, it is a false statement. We know exactly what the founding fathers meant. We have their diarys, essays, political speeches, books… We know exactly how the language was used back then, and yes it was a little different. Think about it. We know what a hieroglyph says but not something written in english from several generations back? We have all the information and writtings that led up to the amendments, they didn’t just appear out of thin air without any explaination. There are newspaper articles, debates, dissenting opinions. Any person’s beliefs aside, we DO know exactly what they meant because it was a major issue at the time.

What you are doing here is suprising. You are parroting the catch phrases on an issue without showing any individual thought, basically spouting previously established ‘conclusions’ to summarize the topic. But you should hate that! 99% of the country hates steroids because of thought like this. Steroids are dangerous! They will make your penis shrink! They will make you violent! You are an intravenous drug user! Why does this matter? Because you can’t just read off of the ‘prepared index card’ about any topic. Not only is it empty retoric, but you are dead wrong on two points.

Secondly, It is a second amendment issue. I’m not going to bore you with the details but polls consistantly show americans are aware it IS a second amendment issue, so I’ll just say you are in the minority and leave it at that. This is not a political website, so I have said enough. Neither of our comments really have any business here… I am not attacking you in any way I just wanted to point out what I saw as mistaken reasoning on your part. Anyone is free to disagree about gun ‘control’ but we have to stay accurate when it comes to the bill of rights.

I realy feel bad for that big German powerlifters boyfriend. Not that there’s…

News and reader mail gets funnier every week and the Chris Street article was very eye-opening. Great issue!

From now on, when someone sends us a nasty letter, we’re sending their e-mail address to Roger Bull with the header “This guy thinks you’re cute.”

Kidding, kidding…