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Hell Walks (Lunges)


uh.. i just had to post this because the s&c industry is just so fucking retarded.



More stuff from the same channel:

This guy has some freaky athletes, but the form is just repulsive.


I hope they have wheelchair access at Stars Mills High School.


I can see how you could maybe use that exercise for glute activation in a warm up, but to load it like that in that position is pretty fucking stupid. He mentions in the description that he got it from Louie though, which is interesting. I know in a lot of the older stuff he used to advocate exercises with a flexed spine e.g. round back GMs, round back RDLs etc. but I read elsewhere he has gradually moved away from that.


You know I learned not to judge things right away. I use to think rounded back anything was just plain stupid but I can't argue with hundreds of powerlifters and strongman who routinely round their thoracic spines on deadlifts and other from the floor lifts.

From a proper technique perspective lifting stones is pretty unsound but have you ever tried to pick up a 300 round stone with a straight back? Not happening.

Don't get me wrong I am not defending the movement I am just saying it's good to see what type of results they got with it before laying doing the judgment on an exercise. For example I don't think Bosu ball stuff is stupid because everyone on here thinks its cool to say bosu balls are stupid but rather the lack of results that you get from doing stuff on them.

I can think of a bunch of exercises that coaches brought to mainstream, that had they not been introduced by big name guys people would say thats just dumb: seated power cleans, facepulls, Benching with bands attached to kettlebells, Boxsquats. Many old school coaches still cringe at boxsquats.


I don't think his Louie is Louie Simmons.


Yes Louie Simmons has spoken highly of these in articles and if I remember right even in his book.

Ill have to admit, im interested in trying them out. I really think they could help my pull.


Really, oh, cool.


For a more experienced lifter... sure. Somebody with 5 years of good training experience who has a good sense of how to use the glutes; the difference between a fatiguing the spinal erectors and blowing out a disk; somebody with some core srength, sure.

But I would never have one of the high school kids I train do that exercise. And the video of that kid having a 13-year old girl maxing out with god-awful form on a trap-bar deadlift should be evidence for that guy to lose any training certification he already has.


You don't see too many round their lumbar spine like that, though. I certainly wouldn't let high school kids do it.

I am no expert, but surely the stone provides some measure of protection? You are essentially "wrapped" around it, like a round splint. I could be wrong, even if I'm right there is still some vulnerability.

I also don't see anyone JUST doing stones. Athletes who do stones usually do other stuff that strongly recruits the whole posterior chain (including glutes).

If you include incidence of injury in those results, I guess they would be worth something. You would undoubtedly get stronger, provided you didn't end up with an injury.

I checked out the guys site, lots of results. But I don't know if they are any better than anyone else would get (high school kids SHOULD get results doing just about anything), or if they are measuring their incidence of injury over a longer period of time.


ya man this shit angers me..

it seems as though they have removed the trap bar videos.. maybe they wont repeat those mistakes.

on another note, here is a parisi speed school which i highly dislike.. you leave a polite criticism about one of their god awful videos, and then they delete your comment and ban you from further commenting..

the truth is in the 4th rep:

it claims she is "crushing" the box squat.. only thing shes going to crush is her spine..

here's another one, trainer seems like a nice guy from my convo with him.. but alot of his young athletes have horrid form, its disgusting:

kneeling power clean:

horrendous split squat (this one should enfurriate (sp? hah) you:

absolutely horrible youth 18" depth drops:

absolutely horrible youth split squat drops:

i dno maybe im the only one who gets angry watching this stuff..



Going back to Louie Simmons, I read a quote of his which more or less says "There are no bad exercises, merely bad coaches"

Do all of the above exercises have some value and merit being placed in athletic preparation? Yes. For young kids? Nope. These coaches are selecting exercises and training loads best suited to older, more qualified athletes.

The best trainer of young people I have seen is Zach Even-Esch. The way he trains his young wrestlers is real simple but he gets results. Push ups, Pull ups, Sled drags, Callisthenics etc.


I think you misunderstood me I simply said don't condemn every exercises that doesn't look right. (No i never use anything like that with my clients)

As for that other video that, when I saw that girl crash I thought ok bad reps at the end happen when people try to do too much, but the trainer had her do more haha.


Yea parisi speed school lost a lot of its quality after they branched out, but that happens with every business that gets commercialized. They higher a lot of kids that either didn't graduate yet or have no experience, as a result stuff like the above videos happen.


lol, the original poster got pretty pissed with me.

it seems like he spent more time responding to people then he did actually thinking about these "walking bent over lunges"



who are you and when did i get pissed at you?

no idea what you're talking about..


what the fuck is a kneeling power clean? better question--WHY?


In general, the training at the large franchises such as Parisi, velocity, etc. is very watered down. It is all about getting large groups of kids in to pay the rent instead of individualization. This video is from the same Parisi facility mentioned by Adarqui. Why not take off some weight and go all the way down instead of doing box squats like this? What is this athlete really getting out of this?


I asked the op in this video about the technique being used and he removed my comments! hahaha


oh shit sorry man, i didn't mean the OP of this post. I mean the poster of this video. I put a few comments down there and he/she got pretty pissy.