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Hell on the Hill Strongman/woman Challenge!!!


It's coming up! June 28. And I thought I'd post a pic of the newest Strongman Pro, Jon Anderson.

Jon will be there, too. He won the Azalea Challenge in April, which allowed him Pro status. He recently placed 6th in his first pro contest, the Las Vegas Strongman Challenge (Jess Marunde placed 3rd).

This pic is of Jon during the stone loading event at Azalea.

For more info on Jon, go to: www.juliehavelka.com/profiles_anderson.html


Here's another pic of Jon, just for the "oh my" of it.


I looked at the pictures from the competitions, and while looking at some of the pressing pics, I couldn't help but think, "What the hell are the spotters going to do if he drops the weight?" I keep picturing these two spotters pinned under a couple of tires or a log, and him standing there apologizing. "I'm so sorry. Here's your leg."


All I got to say is, "When the sh!t goes down, I hope he's on my team."


Oh, let's just bump this up and see who here in Portland is going to this thang.


Major BUMP for this since it's THIS weekend!

Who's gonna be there?

Of note: Here's something else going on this weekend:

"Seven WSM Competitors in GNC Pro Performance - IFSA Battle of the Beasts
Phil Pfister, Karl Gillingham, Odd Haugen, Jesse Marunde, Whit Baskin, Ken Brown, and Mark Philippi - all World's Strongest Man competitors - will be battling it out this weekend in the last qualifier for this year's IFSA USA National Championships. The action starts at 11 o'clock at the Ventura Harbor Village (Ventura, California) and be sure to bring your family and friends - besides seeing seven World's Strongest Man competitors up close and personal, it's a great setting, there is plenty of additional entertainment (pony rides and a petting zoo for the kids, a climbing wall) and admission is free. The top five competitors from the IFSA USA Nationals will be invited to this year's World's Strongest Man show, the top event on the professional strongman circuit, and this is the last chance to try to make the cut. "


A huge, aesthetic, absurdly strong physique. And a nice pair of shades. Very impressive.



I need to get me one of those Jon Andersons. Will be keeping my eye out for him in the future.

Have fun this weekend and let us know how it went.


I'll be there, loading - who else? Will there be beer? Yes, there will be beer.

Are we all gonna get chow afterwards? I'll bring my camera, to give evidence that Portland t-maggers are in fact quite better looking than those from Detroit, Mobile, or Canada in general.


Thanks, Rumbach. All my life my Mom's told me I'm not as ugly as the kids in school used to say and now this...

Just wanted to add one thing. take a look at Jon. Then take a look at any pro bodybuilder. Who would you rather look like? These are the guys that make me want to get to the gym. I live for seeing this stuff. Let's see Cutler or Priest or any of those sissies carry Jon's lunch without getting tired.



DUDE! We're bringing the cooler stocked with beer! :slight_smile: AND two cameras (one digital, one film). Let's take a TON of pics!!!

Steak, eggs and potatoes breakfast this Saturday morning, too. THAT'S what I needed in Boise, but just had three bowls of cereal.

As for Jon Jon, Big Bad Jon, etc.?
I hear he's just a niiiiice guy. See, he could have gone to that "other" contest (see my post above), but nope, he's gonna be doin' this one.

I soooooo want to set a PR in the tire deads on Saturday.


Gotta say that pic of Jon Anderson doing the farmers walk is one of the best pics I have ever seen.
How cool is that, and with the shades on as well, YEAH BABY!!!


That'd be so fucking awesome to be that big and strong. Give me 8-10 more years ... thats my damn gold by god !


Bump - How'd it go, guys?? Let's see some pics!