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Hell of a Caring Daughter



That is hilarious.

This goes up there with the platypus as proof that if a higher power exists, he's got one hell of a sense of humor.


That's super sad.


Well that was pointlessly depressing.


And kind of funny, in a morbid kind of way...The cremated part


Suicide is terribly selfish in my mind, and yet the little girl just loved her father and brother so much that she laid down her own life. Imagine the possibilities she could have if she would have cherished her own life. I'm weird because I don't find that funny at all. The event would be tragically ironic maybe, but not that funny in my mind shrug




A lot of stories of extreme irony seem to come out of India.
It must be part of their culture, because I've seen it often.

Now whether there is a greater occurrence of this stuff in India, or it just makes it's way to the India media more often...I don't know.....but there is a definite pattern here.


and most definitely what a burden she would be for her parents with the dowries and all. Ironic and tragic.


Couldn't she have donated one eye and one kidney and had no one die and everyone able to see?


India is a horrible and wretched place to be as a little girl, or as any living creature for that matter. (except cows)

There is an old Indian saying that goes like this:" If a girl is still a virgin at the age of 10 then she has no father, brothers or uncles "
I don't remember it exactly but I think you get the point.


This is where I read it:

"Outside the West, the sexual molestation of children is a routine practice in most families. Childhood in India begins, according to observers, with the child being regularly masturbated by the mother, the girl "to make her sleep well," the boy "to make him manly." The child sleeps in the family bed, witnesses and most likely takes part in sexual intercourse between the parents.

The child is often "borrowed" to sleep with other members of the extended household, leading to the Indian proverb that "For a girl to be a virgin at ten years old, she must have neither brothers nor cousin nor father." Childhood is so eroticized that, as one Western observer put it, "The little Hindu girls are deflowered by the little boys with whom they play, and repeat together the erotic lessons which their parents have unwittingly taught them on account of the general promiscuity of family life throughout India. In all the little girls of less than ten years of age the complete hymen is wanting...Incest is often the rule rather than the exception."

source: http://www.psychohistory.com/htm/05_history.html


This stuff just makes me sick
The whole article is horrific. It is something I think that needs to be read though for someone to understand where we have come from as species.


Holy shit!


so anything on a web page must be true....quoting any source must be really convincing.... India is a huge country, if you want to find rotten examples you will always find one, how does that give you any fucking idea to stereotype a whole nation and forget that such instances exist throughout the world in any country.
in any case just signed in to say FUCK YOU, for both of your comments, fucking dimwit.


well, the only referenced sources are the author's own articles.
published in his own journal, edited by his own "institute", in his own "scientific field". (FYI and FWIW "psychohistory" simply doesn't exist as a recognized scientific discipline).


I am skeptical of all news stories coming out of India.