Helios - Time to Turn Up the Heat

2012 Goals

Bench 315
Squat 405
Dead 450

2 mile run under 12:30

Improved posture and flexibility

Current weight 155


135x 10
165x 5
185x 5
205x 4

2 sets of 10 close grip bench with 135
2 sets of 10 wide grip bench with 135

4 sets of 10 cable pull downs with rope at 50lbs
3 sets of 10 skull crushers with 70lbs

The volume felt good. I will increase my accessories to work my chest a little more. I want to break my self in. I’m tired of the on and off so here I go again. School and work is a killer but it’s no excuse.


Pull ups wide grip

3 sets of 8 bodyweight
3 sets of 4 with BW + 50lb

3 sets of 10 hanging rows BW

Facepulls with sled 225 lbs
4 pulls of 40 yds 1 minute break

Rows with sled 275 lbs
4 pulls of 40 yds 1 minute break

Sled Push and pull 275 lbs
4 push and 4 pulls of 40 yds 1 minute breaks

Ha Ha 9 months later…fail.

Back Squats
145 x 8 x 12

Front Squats
95 x 6 x 12


185 x 8 x 3

Floor Flyes

25 x 8 x 12

Incline wide grip bench

95 x 2 x 12
75 x 6 x 12


50 wide grip pull ups

lat pull downs
80 x 6 x 12

Close grip pull downs
80 x 6 x 12

Barbell rows
65 x 6 x 12


Good Mornings
95 x 8 x 12

Leg Curls
25 x 8 x 12

Hip Thrusts(using bench)
8 x 12 no weight planning on doing barbell next week

Military Press
75 x 8 x 12

Front Delt Raises with kettle bell
11lb x 6 x 12

Lateral straight arm raise
8lb x 6 x 12

I was planning on doing upright rows but I was spent. I will do arms later in the evening. I have a ton of respect for Serge man this program is killer.
I am hoping that my DOMS will subside soon I really am looking forward to my next leg work out.

alternating kettle bell curl
20 x 6 x 12

ezbar behind the neck tricep extensions
40 x 6 x 12

Ezbar curl
40 x 6 x 12

Cable Tricep extension w rope
20 x 6 x 12

Some starting pics

Not the most flattering pictures. I’m not sure why they are not rotating correctly.


135 x 1 x 5
185 x 1 x 3
205 x 1 x 1
225 x 1 x 1
255 x 8 x 3

Front Squats
95 x 6 x 12

Leg Extensions
35 x 6 x 12

Leg were still a little fatigued from my last work out. I was going to take a rest day then said fuck it. 255 felt good I think I could have increased it a little more but I didn’t want to over do it my first week. I may up it to 265 or 275 in a week or two. The volume is crazy but I love it. Front squats are feeling better. I have never done them before. The first time I did them I felt sore in my abs. This tells me I need to stick with them.

Wide Grip Bench
115 x 8 x 12

Floor DB Flys
25 x 6 x 12

Incline Bench
95 x 2 x 12
75 x 4 x 12

I wanted to do incline flys but I am toast. I had so drop the weight on my incline bench, I knew I wouldn’t make it all the way through with good form. This weight is very humbling.


I should say that my goals have changed. I pretty much bombed my 2012 goals. I used work and school as an excuse not to work out. I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy, so I would always get discouraged when something came up and I would miss a workout.

Anyways, my new goal is to look the part. I’m not chasing arbitrary lifting numbers. I just want to look the part. I just want to put on some lean mass and if I do that I know the strength will follow. I am using the Serge program Brad Kelly wrote about. I’ve incorporated a heavy lift day in for all my main lifts, bench, squats, military press, and eventually wide grip pull-ups. I plan on doing this for 12 weeks and re-evaluating from there.

Wide Grip Pullups
10 x 5

Once I can get to 5 sets of 10 I will bump my volume up to 6 sets of 12

Behind the neck pull downs
80 x 6 x 12

V grip pull downs
80 x 6 x 12

Dumb bell rows (lying down on bench)
25 x 6 x 12

I will do my hammies tomorrow with shoulders and arms. My Quads and Hams are still a little fatigued. I am still getting use to the volume, 9 months off will do that to you I suppose.

I will leave you all with a song from a great band I recently discovered.


Good Mornings
115 x 8 x 12

Leg Curls
25 x 6 x 12

Hip Thrusts (bench)
25 x 6 x 12

Still feeling a little sore in the legs but not to bad. My energy felt down more than anything. I am going to hit the books for a few hours and eat a Ginormous meal before hitting shoulders and arms. I am seriously contemplating buying a GHR. I hate the idea of spending that kind of money on something that only does one exercise but I loved the one at my old gym. If I did get one they would be the next situp. I would do them morning and night, shit I’d even have them with every meal.