Helio Gracie 95 Years Old Died Today


He was a pioneer in the MA and will be missed.

Definitely a sad day, but it was an amazing and admirable life.

Developing a system that effected the entire martial arts world, seeing his children and grandchildren grow to be successful, living on his own terms and teaching his art all his life, and then passing away peacefully at home.

The man was like a walking skeleton and still pwned.

That said, a number of his sons were disappointments.

Wow…I guess it had to happen sometime. This is one man that has left a legacy behind so all respect to him!

He’s making Jesus tap out now. RIP :confused:

RIP and Godspeed Master Helio. There are many hacks who run around calling themselves masters and I hesitate to use the term for anyone.

Master Helio is an exception.

He pushed our understanding of combat into an entirely new place while never forgetting to do it with dignity and honor. He left the world something that has saved many lives(maybe even my own once or twice) while inspiring legions to improve as human beings.

A truly amazing man and a historic figure.

I hope he is somewhere teaching Bruce Lee the guard right now.

Rip Helio

[quote]Nikiforos wrote:
He’s making Jesus tap out now. RIP :/[/quote]

ha ha, love it.

An absolute leg-end!
As someone that does BJJ i can honestly say that the man has left a legacy that very few ever have or will.


Da ninja was pretty old, get over it.

[quote]SpartanX wrote:
Da ninja was pretty old, get over it.[/quote]

I don’t think anyone here was that caught up in it.

RIP man changed my life for sure. Amazing individual.

Guy lived a good long life and left his mark on the world. Good for him.

[quote]SpartanX wrote:
Da ninja was pretty old, get over it.[/quote]

Fuck you. Who the hell are you? Some people show respect in these matters…YOU get over it.

He lived an amazing life. RIP.


R.I.P. to an inspiration…a modern legend.