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Helicopter Game

Okay, I’m a little bored but I found this Helicopter game that has me occupied. Just thought it might be a bit of fun. I know it’s a bit primitive, but if you’re at work and can’t play Halo3 or whatever else…have at it.

High Score so far: 1481


Been at it for a few minutes and got 1254.

I played for like a half hour more…and got so close then…tied my damn score. Right on the nose. crash 1481


wow, that takes me back a few years…used to sit in class and play this.


this is my new “at work” game. especially since its march madness time.

Now I can finally go for my evening walk.

[quote]michael2507 wrote:

Now I can finally go for my evening walk.[/quote]


I got 1909.

hahahaa… i love this game. my friend and i can go back and forth on this game forever. great post. will read again.

I’m a fan of that stick figure bow and arrow game, I’ll try to link it up.



[quote]nephorm wrote:

Common Neph, all that knowledge and you can’t crop a screenshot?

LOL, damn you.

[quote]rsg wrote:
you can’t crop a screenshot?

Not used to using mspaint :wink:


thats a fun game

Damn Neph…set the bar high much? Lol This is the closest I’ve gotten to your score…and I feel like I’ve hit a plateau…the room is now moving. Airwolf has left the building.

What. The. Fuck.

You guys are mutants with laser eyes. I didn’t even make it into the 1000s before I threw my mouse on the ground and smashed it into oblivion.

So addictive…yet so enraging.