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Heisman Talk


Ok we are a good chunk into the college football season so let's get our Heisman Trophy talk going.

Who is the Heisman favorite so far?

My early favorite is Graham Harrel of Texas Tech. He has some huge games coming up (UT next week) so we will see if he has what it really takes to pull it off.

Pro material? Probably not. See: Jason White


Colt McCoy, that's about it. The only way anyone else will get a Heisman this year is if they rob a former winner's trophy.


Harrel is a system QB with an excellent receiver. Every QB at TTU under Leach has thrown for gaudy yardage. You need to give the Heisman to a player who takes a team up a notch, regardless of pro material. Everyone knows that the Heisman almost always goes to someone who is NOT pro material.

As much as it pains me to say it, I am picking McCoy. I am just hoping that his success this year leads to a jump to the NFL.

PS, my husband wants me to tell you that he thinks I'm a bullshit artist.


Harrell is certainly a system QB but up to this point him and McCoy are neck and neck.

I just think that Harrell being the head of that monster of an offense down at TTU is worthy of it up to this point. Like I said next week will speak volumes of Harrell though as he hasn't quite faced a Texas caliber team yet.

If McCoy wasn't bailed out by the UT defense today at the end of the game you might be singing a different tune. 1 critical INT and 1 critical fumble and Oklahoma State couldn't capitalize.

PS you're not the only bullshit artist


PSH. I'm so fucking sick of the Big 12. No defense + No Running Game = Big Passing Numbers. Graham Harrel is a joke, just like every other Big 12 quarterback................ excluding Colt McCoy, who's my favorite for the Heisman.

Hypocrisy? Maybe. It's the craziest thing, though, Colt McCoy puts up great numbers and changes the game with throwing 60+ passes a game.


Please tell me you are a Big 10 fan (living in Michigan and all) and knocking the quality of teams in the Big 12.


I think Colt McCoy is the choice, though I would not dismiss Harrell so easily. Frankly, I've never understood what the "system" tag means. If Texas Tech has such a great "system" that it allows people to put up crazy offense, why haven't more teams adopted it and done so? And just because it's a "system," that doesn't mean the other defense just lies down. I dunno, I think Leach knows exactly what he wants out of an offense and is fantastic at finding QB's who fit the mold he's looking for. As a matter of fact, all the recent QB's for Tech even look like each other. I wouldn't be able to tell who's who in a lineup.

But McCoy is the more complete player, IMO. He can move the chains with his feet, has shown leadership qualities, and is a great passer. I also disagree with the suggestion that Colt will not make a good pro. I think that many Heisman winners bust in the NFL because they are generally freaks with a truck load of raw talent. But that alone will not get the job done in the NFL; you also need a work ethic to work hard day in and day out adapting your game.

Colt has that work ethic (so does Tebow, for that matter). He does not appear arrogant and is willing to make the changes to his game that he needs to win. He is mature. I can see him being another Steve Young.


I agree with the OP.

In my opinion there are only two players who have stood out over this season and that is Harrel and McCoy.

Towards the end of the tu - A&M-Stillwater game, it seemed that McCoy got pretty rattled. Had it not been for a roughing the passer call, the tea-sippers would have lost that game.

I'm not blaming the refs, as it was a stupid move on the part of the Cowboy pass rusher.

I am a little disappointed in Crabtree's season this year. He must be drawing a shit ton of double coverage, or he is suffering from a sophomore jinx, as his yardage is way down from last year.

Anyhow. The winner of the Texas Tech - tu game should finish out the regular season undefeated, and their QB1 will go to NYC to pick up a Heisman.


No. God, no.


You know you're good when people are expecting more than 60 receptions, 794 yards, and 14 TD through 8 games.

Being in RI I don't get to catch a lot of TTU games so it's tough for me to judge why his numbers could be down. My guess is that he's drawing a lot of attention down field freeing up the running game. They are averaging 5.4 YPC vs. 3.1 a year ago and they are only about 40 carries away from breaking all of last years total. So they are clearly handing the ball off more.

Don't forget that he isn't seeing much playing time during these blowouts. I doubt he saw much of the second half against UMASS and SMU. He's also scored at least 1 TD in every game.


Isn't his ankle a little fucked up?


After last nights win over OSU it's hard to think that anyone but McCoy will take it home this year ..


Ya he sprained it on a kickoff return a week ago, and "hobbled" his way to 8 catches, decent yardage(think it was low 90s) and one of the sickest displays of athleticism on that last TD grab of his. Too bad receivers basically can't win a Heisman without also taking back some kick/punt returns for TDs on the side.


Does anybody else find it amusing that TT's QB's have been dismissed out of hand for years now because they're "system QB's", yet Colt McCoy is getting mountains of praise heaped on him now that he's basically doing the same things that Kingsbury, Symons, Cumby and Harrel, etc., have been doing for years now?

Really, what is the big difference between what TT's QB's have done and what Colt McCoy is doing this year? Complete 80% of their passes by throwing a pass further than 8 yds downfield maybe twice a game? Throw for 300+ yards on 35, 40 attempts per game? Racking up TD's by running a one-dimensional offense?

I'm not hating on McCoy, he's a gutty player, but I don't understand all the hoopla over McCoy when he has basically turned into a "system" QB.


Because good offensive game planning is a negative in Heisman voters' eyes I guess.


Graham Harrell = 360 pass attempts this year
Colt McCoy = 242 pass attempts this year

Graham Harrell = Asshat system quarterback. Anyone who says this fuck is any different or better than someone like Colt Brennan needs to seriously check their college football knowledge.


Agreed, like I said the only way someone else will get a Heisman this year is is B&E is involved.


Simmer down, son. If indeed Harrell is only benefiting from a one-dimensional offensive system, then why don't opposing defenses stop him? I just don't get arguments like yours. If Harrell's numbers are inflated because Tech has zero running game and throws every down, then they should be easy to stop, right? Yet no one can seem to slow them down, despite knowing what's coming!

It is universally accepted that a strong running game helps a passing offense by keeping the defense honest. It takes "pressure" off the QB and also sets up the play action. Therefore, a strong argument can be made that Tech's apparent inability (or refusal) to run the ball is a hinderance to Harrell, not an advantage.


Knowshon Moreno.


Gotta give a plug for my man Sam Bradford. If not, I think it will be Colt McCoy if Texas runs the table.

With all due respect to Graham Harrell, he won't win because of the system he plays in, as mentioned before. If winning the Heisman was all about numbers, then Tx Tech's QB would have won the Heisman the past several years.

I remember at the beginning of last year, everyone was saying if Hawaii goes undefeated, Colt Brennan should win the Heisman hands down. Well, Hawaii went undefeated and he didn't win, because he also benefited from the system, just like Tim Chang did before him.