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Heights of Lighter Record Holders?


Does anyone know how tall are some record holders in the 150-170 lbs classes?

Like John Inzer and Oleksandr Kutcher?




Ha ha.
Are they 5',5'5", 5'10"?


Jaroslaw Olech 5 foot 2. I met him at the 2009 British bench press champs and he signed my 1 board lol. Phil Richard 5 foot 3 at 67.5kg. Stanazek under 5 foot tall, Precious McKenzie under 5 foot tall.


Oops didnt read of all your OP Stanazek and Mckenzie were in the 56kg weight class.


short, lol. it's all about the leverages man


Considering that height isn't all legs or all spine, this would mean someone 7" shorter might only have a 3" leverage advantage(in the DL. i.e. 3" less spine length)... (I'm 5'10").

Applying some mechanics knowledge to the DL, the only length I <> making the lift easier or harder would be that of the spine.


I'd guess most of the top guys in those classes are 5'4 or under. If you're 5'10, then you're looking at 242's as a minimum. I'm 5'11, and I'm 2-3" taller than the top 242s.


Longer legs = you have to be in a lower "squat" position at the start of the DL = harder
Longer arms = you don't have to go into a lower "squat" position to get low enough to reach the bar = easier

uhh, maybe bigger feet = more stable? :stuck_out_tongue: