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What kind of things stunt your growth. (height)?

Wattup man. That’s a very good question. Well I got a few things to name which just popped into my head… definitely:
i) steroids

ii) lack of essential vitamins and nutrients during adolescent years (well that can keep you from gaining maximum height capacity)

iii) early-age heavy weight training (not recommended)

iv) any kind of prohormone or testosterone treatment before full puberty is completed (this can close off bone growth)

If I can get any more info for you, I’ll be glad to post it. Lates!

Guillotines do a damn god job, but I would not reccomend it.

Genes, malnutrition, anabolic steroids…

Genetics, poor diet, various hormone deficiencies (Thyroid, Pituitary, etc,), Chronic Anemia, Chronic Renal Insufficiency, Auto-Immune Disorders, Inflammatory Bowel Disorders, any chronic illness (usually due to poor nutrition), malabsorption of nutrients…wow…the list is large…but that’s a start…

poor nutrition when you’re young (pre-adolescent) and an adolescent

Short parents.

sex…oh no, I guess that was to make you go blind

No…masturbation makes you blind! Oh and as for height, I wouldn’t recommend sitting under a metal compactor. That’d definitely squish ya down.