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Height vs. Weight

I’m 5’6" and way too small at only 154lbs, but finally gaining some weight after getting over my carbophobia. But I know a lot of you guys think anything less then 200lbs is small for the average person. So what do you guys think is a pretty solid weight based on height? Or do you guys think there can even be a general rule or ratio for this kind of thing?

Nope. All depends on your personal goals.

This subject comes up all time. Take a look at the thread I gave you in the link there is a long discussion about this topic.

The answer is there is: there’s no magic weight you have to be to look muscular. But luckily you are short so that makes it easier to appear more massive. Lift heavy shit. Eat wholesome food. And train your entire body consistently. You will get there one day.
If you want you could measure your wrist size to find out if you have a small, medium or large frame. Some people think that frame size is a big factor in how buff you can look.

never thought of wrist size…
Thanks, I’ve been working on the above, just wasn’t sure if there was a magic weight range per height range.

There is no general rule worth listening to. Other than shoot to gain more than you think you have to and then go from there.

[quote]GVkid wrote:
… just wasn’t sure if there was a magic weight range per height range.[/quote]

It’s not “magic,” but to build a “classic”-looking physique, Steve Reeves believed in a rough height-weight chart (in addition to having the neck, arms, and calves all measure the same):

5’5" 160
5’6" 165
5’7" 170
5’8" 175
5’9" 180
5’10" 185
5’11" 190
6’0" 200
6’1" 210
6’2" 220
6’3" 230
6’4" 240
6’5" 250

Those numbers are muscular and lean, but not ripped. I’m pretty sure the guys who train DoggCrapp style (trying to get beastly l-a-r-g-e) shoot for something like 3 to 3.5 pounds per inch, which would put you at 198-231.

You could try to find some pictures of bodybuilders or athletes your height, to get an idea of what different weights could look like on your frame. Ultimately, your goal weight is whatever feels best and what, to you, looks best.

Marvelous… the simplicity of the idea of researching a bodybuilder of similar height to me is brilliant. I feel like an idiot for not having thought of that… thanks Chris

Height vs. weight is not that relevant. To me the frame you have is more important. My wrist size is 7" while my youngest brother’s is 6.25". This partially explains the difference in weight while being about the same height. Our parents are both 5’5" and very small framed as well. An example of a small framed pro bb was Mike Ashley.

That is one of many reasons why at a light 247lbs I was obese, while someone like Prof. X (who reading his logs/posts obviously worked way harder for his mass than I ever did, but also may have a bigger frame than me) can be lean at the same weight. We are the same height 5’10".