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Height & Strongman


Hey, this has been bugging me for a little while.

I'm 5'10, and 16.5 years old, and am looking forward to getting my pro card as a HW one day. One issue, I feel short as fuck compared to all the giants in this sport!

My question is, how do you think a guy my height would fair at Worlds level in 5-10 years.

Is it more dependent on arm/leg length? Because my wingspan is 6'4.

Some basic stats

Weight: 263# on the way down
Height: 5'10...
Axle Push Press: 295x2
Axle Clean: I avoid them do to a current Achilles tendon injury.
Axle Deadlift (Mixed Grip): 295x20 no belt, just chalk. (Best regular pull is 585).
Stone To Shoulders: A few reps with 215 (the heaviest we have) on my first try with stones.


Your armspan would definitely compensate in throwing events and such, but your stride length could cost you a fair bit in potential speed events.

The shortest man to throw the discus over 70 meters was 185cm or 6'1 but he had a great wingspan for his height, like you.


Thanks for the input! I figure my major concern would be the stones (the 275# is loaded onto a 71" platform). I figure I can find some way to compensate in the truck pull (gain as much weight as possible). I just hope I grow. Neither of my parents are very tall (5'9 and 5'5), but my grandfathers are both tall (6'3 and 6'4) so IDK. It's frustrating to think something you can't change could hold you back a few points, unless I just demolish every other event.


All you can do is try.... Marsuiz was only about 5'10 5'11 and won WSM 5x

why is your weight going down from 264 if you want to be a hw?


Because I'm a teenager, and I'd like to see my abs once in my life lol. I'm just tryna go down to like 240, which still makes me a HW (232+ I believe in NAS). I plan to gain A LOT more weight, but I'd prefer to gain as much muscle as I can before I start to "pad" my weight with fat for leverage purposes.


mariousz is 6'1".

height helps on certain events, like stones. its not THAT big of an overall advantage. i have longish arms, 78" reach at about 6'2". it helps for stones, and deadlifts but it hurts my pressing. bootom line bro, strongman is just that. its not a big man competition, and there have been some giant killers. i watched the qualifiers and finals for 2010 WSM, jason bergmann was only 5'10, 280 lbs and he out repped BIG Z in the squat, and beat him in the car hold. he was impressive overall and got 10th at worlds being the shortest and lightest guy.

you cant train to get taller, so dont stress over what you cannot control. focus on being as strong as you can. besides, you're not even 17 yet, you still have a few years left to grow.


I hope so. I just hope my grandfathers height is a better indicator than that of my father. I also heard it effects vehicle pulls as it's not as easy to weigh as much when you're not as tall. By the way, JB was 5'11, and Mariusz is 6'1.25 (my inner perfectionist speaking).


One would think that you'd still have some growth in you at age 16.

Also, calm the fuck down kid! 300lbs axle press and 585lbs deadlift at age 16 are very impressive. You are well on your way to greatness. Of course it is important to aim high, but it's very dangerous when youngins like you want it all as early as possible. Focus on building solid technique over tearing shit up and bangin' heavy weight.

It happens way too often in the sport that impressive kids show up, rip shit up for 3, 4 years and then disappear for good because of injuries/overdoing pharmaceuticals.

Make it your goal to stay in the sport as long as possible, stay healthy and become a regular, a true legend.


Yeah yeah I know. My only injury (Achilles tendonopothy) is from running, not lifting. I understand all that stuff, take periods of lower intensity/volume seriously, and drink my milk.


I'm shorter than you bro and considerably lighter as well. I'm not letting that stop me. Just push as far as you can and be patient. There's plenty of time. I'm older and haven't even started practicing any events yet. I'm only two years in and there's plenty of time to grow.


I'm not letting it hold me back, I'm just being realistic.


Me too. All I'm saying is you never know how far you can go until you get there. If I'm never a Worlds level competitor, I'm cool with that because I understand what being at that level means. Don't shortchange yourself. You have more going for you than I do.


"Satisfaction" is not a word in my vocabulary.


I see


By the way, I just weighed myself; I'm 270#


Marsuiz has had many different heights listed over the years.

but anyway besides the point.

You will most likely grow

your young your strong

its one step at a time make short term goals


This is a very good post and absolutely spot on


I'm fucking sure you can be a pro one day man.


Fuck pro, I'm talking WSM, like top 3.


Wish you the best broseph