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Height Growth Spurt


I just turned 20 this week and i'm 5'8 and I haven't grown since 14-15 yrs old. All my friends shot up at least 2-3 inches and i've stayed the same...Are there any methods to help me get taller? I weight 155lbs w/ a body fat around 10% and take in a little less than 3000calories (I always try to get at least 3000, but i tend to fall short by ~200 calories) and I sleep around 6-7 hrs during summer classes in college and 8-9 during weekends.
People say stretching helps but I don't buy into that.
Any advice to help a little man out?


Height is pretty much entirely genetic and there isn't really anything you can do about it are your parents tall? You're eating and sleeping fine* so your growth probably hasn't been stunted at all. It is not unheard of for a guy to have a secondary growth spurt in their late teens or even early 20s, but it isn't exactly common. Generally, males finish growing at the age of 17 or 18. But, you never know. I grew almost an inch somewhere between the ages of 20 and 22 after having been the same height since I was 17.

*as in, you're not malnourished or sleep deprived.


Go get an X ray. See if your growth plates are closed. If they are then dont worry about this any longer.


Dude you have some years left, it will happen if it's in the genes.


Hanging and contortion have some minor anecdotal evidence going for them. Neither seem very practical.


THere are probably studies that show that malnourishment can stunt ones growth, but I have antecdotal evidence that it is false. When I was severly starving myself, I grew 2 inches. NO bullshit. My football buddies who lifted all the time are still 5 '6 5 '5. I personally believe too much lifting can damage growth plates but this site is pretty biased against that idea.


My dad is 5'7 and my mom is 5'1. I've been blessed with loving parents, but cursed with lack of height. O well, i'd rather have the first than the latter!.....Give me either or: early 20's growth spurt or platform shoes


your probably going to stay at 5'8, being a little over 6 feet tall ill say its not exactly great in all aspects so be happy


yea, i guess there are some aspects where being 5'8 can be used to my advantage


tell me how height helps at all? How does 6' and above help in everyday life?


You stand out in a crowd, i.e. chicks notice you first. Height is also something a lot of women look for in a guy, while being short is NEVER something they look for unless they're midgets. Also if you're tall and big you look much more impressive than someone that's short and big.

It also sucks to have to look up at people when you're shorter than them. If you're tall you don't have this problem.

Genetics are always the limiting factor but your parents' height does not determine your's. My kid is big for his age (7 yo and 4'9") and I'm 5'9" and his mom's 5'6". She has uncles that are well over 6' though, so I guess that's where he gets it. He could obviously stop growing at 12 or something but it's comical seeing him standing next to his classmates right now.


It's a bit like being blonde and pretty if you're a girl - people respond in a more favourable way. I think there are lots of stats about taller men getting promotion more often, taller presidential candidates winning more often etc. It just seems to bring perks.


I've stopped growing now age 19 at 5'7 I'd like to be bigger but from now till mid 20s I'm going to be getting growth in terms of width. So I wouldn't worry too much have you ever seen how badass some guys forearms are who are age 25-40? Even when they don't train. You've got that too look forward to!


Yeah, but really, with height it's not simply that more is better. There are some advantages here and there, studies or whatever, but I'm pretty sure that the perks of being tall sort of stop applying once you get to be about 6'4-6'6, beyond that you're perceived more as a novelty "wooow you're taalll" and incessantly asked questions about basketball, volleyball and hitting your head.

I think the most tangible advantages with height are all sports related. Not Bodybuilding though, and as someone who is very tall, I would say that I wouldn't mind being a few inches shorter if it meant I could actually LOOK like I work out.


What 5'7 and 5''8? Damn you guys are unlucky, in holland you are considerated short if you aren't like 6 feet tall.

But you have slow growing and fast growing people.Some people stop growin gat age 17 but some stay growing until 20, so hope you are the second.


There is a wealth of research on this subject.

Height is considered a genetic "fitness indicator" that communicates a variety of things about a man on a subconscious, biological and evolutionary level.

Height indicates health and access to proper nutrition (quantity and quality of food sources). It also indicates raw potential of providing physical security, dominance over other males, and hence greater social status. These are the main things women seek in a mate from a purely evolutionary standpoint.

5'10" is the average height of a man in our society, so a man above average (6' and above) is perceived to be more dominant and contain greater potential for providing security and reaching a higher social status than the average male, and hence they are more desirable and respected.

All other social and genetic factors equal, the taller man will invariably have the advantage with women and within social hierarchies.

This phenomenon is even reflected in our language, for example, we "look up to" people we admire (implying they are taller than us), and "look down on" people we despise (implying they are shorter than us).

As with most things though, height has diminishing returns above a certain level, with 6' - 6' 3" considered ideal, and above that being too tall for comfort in modern day society (finding clothes and shoes that fit, fitting into cars, airplanes, etc) without adding any real social benefits.


My 15 yr old son is 5'8" 110
My 13 yr old daughter is 5'10" 140

Sucks to be him right now as they are both competitive but his time will come. Dr says nowhere near his growth spurt based on plates. Also says she has 2-3" to go still. Volleyball/basketball here we go...

BruceLeeFan That avitar cracks me up every time I see it.


Id pay to be taller


I'm 5'5 on a good day and I don't give a shit about height. You can't get upset about stuff you can't control.


I'd rather be 5'7 than live in Holland though.