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Heidi Montag


I do not know who she is, but I read about her on T-Nation. I always thought she was some kind of a fitness model and is trained by Chad Waterbury.

Just found an article where they said she had about 10 surgeries and a picture of here where she looks like she never lifted any weight. Why does any trainer here wants to be connected with her.

On this picture her cellulite looks awful.

I am a bit confused now....


Women have cellulite, get over it. The fact that Chad Waterbury trained her is irrelevant, he did that before she went nuts with surgery. I doubt he's happy about one of his former clients looking like a trainwreck either!


She was in playboy yet she was not naked - this is unacceptable in my book.


I only see cellulite on women who are skinny, but have high bodyfat, or just fat.

If their ass looks like an shriveled up overripe fruit, then they lost their weight with some kind of eating disorder instead of hard work in the gym.


is it true she is born 1986 ? A Cellulite like that is pretty bad. If it shows up while lying relaxed in a weird position thats okay. But looking like that while walking is pretty awful.

schultzie is complete right.


maybe she is just a poor girl because these are scars from the fat aspiration and they are just visible because she gained a little bit of body fat. It is just a picture who knowes ...

i was just confused because i connected her to T-Nation


It looks like a fucking tumor.

Maybe she's sick?


Is that cellulite, or is it light reflecting off the water in the pool she's walking beside?


Do you mean Heidi Montag looks like a tumor ... if that's the case, I couldn't agree more


hahaha, light reflecting off the water?



lol looks like someone needs to visit perezhilton.com OR remove her from your memory cuz she's trash.


Photoshop. Adding cellulite to photos is not uncommon when selling to celebrity gossip sites/mags. Another photo showing no signs of cellulite.


She's eye candy, nothing more. I bet most people could't even tell you what shes famous for doing (I can't). In a few years she'll fade back into obscurity because she has no actual talent or ability.

Legs look much better here, I guess this is after the surgery people have been posting about. Or maybe its airbrushed, whatever


Hmm. Maybe it was too big. I'll try again, sorry if it's a repost.


I'd put it in her ass. I'd put my dick in her cinnamon ring too.


I could swear that it is the light relecting off the water. It could also be photoshopped.


She's famous for being famous which equals not actually being famous.

I'd still sniff the pooper.




I'd smash/10

On a side note, it is good for business for a trainer to have wealthy(obvious) and famous clients. The latter can be very important because it gives alot more exposure and somewhat free advertising which is always good for a trainer. If you were looking for a trainer, would you go for the one that has alot of famous clients or the one who hasn't trained anyone famous. All things being equal except one trained famous people and one didn't, the choice would be an easy one for me.


i definitely don't think the cellulite in the first pic is real though